Late May caption competition

nortonDebate-4[1]I had not realised how much time has passed since the last caption competition.  So here is a late May competition.  It is another picture from the occasion when I spoke at Imperial College.  (The photographer probably deserves a prize for all the splendid action shots.)   The reader to provide what, in my opinion, is the wittiest caption will win a copy of The Voice of the Backbenchers or the 8th edition of Politics UK.   Let the entries roll…


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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21 Responses to Late May caption competition

  1. George Morrall says:

    Boy in blue – *I wish he’d hurry up. I’m only here for a post talk selfie!*

  2. Mark Shephard says:

    The students had been promised a famous guest speaker and the rumour mill of a visit by Bill Clinton had not come to pass…

  3. Tory boy says:

    Lord Norton informs students how to make a right hook in the House of Lords!

  4. Rob Falconer says:

    I thought they’d ask me to speak at Hay, not deliver a speech standing on a bale of it

  5. Wide spectrum of student attire proves that the direction ‘smart-casual’ on invitations is confusing and unhelpful.

  6. This isn’t really a caption but the Whovian in me couldn’t resist.

    The Doctor settled down on the front row for another one of Lord Norton’s lectures. He was enjoying a glass of orange squash and considering the finer points of Parliamentary reform when he heard, in the distance, the sound of the TARDIS dematerialising. That was not supposed to happen. He had to leave – and quick.

    Sometime later after battling the Daleks and saving the Earth, again, he stood in the control room.

    For a while he was euphoric in victory and satisfied at the thought of a job well done. Until it hit him.

    “Drat. I’ve lost another scarf.”

  7. maude elwes says:

    Fellow to the front right with sandy hair: ‘This guy Norton better get real, to cut it here we’re gonna need business class lie flat beds, I can’t keep my eyes open any longer.’

  8. Alex Smith says:

    An infuriated Lord Norton addresses the students of Imperial College:

    “Even if you are some of the worlds brightest young minds, did you really think you’d get away with not bringing a cake to lecture?”

  9. tizres says:

    After a good start with a cheeky little Cabernet Shiraz, it dawned on members of Imperial Wine Club that they had invited the only member of the Houses of Parliament who was teetotal.

  10. Lord N of L: “That’s fine. Excellent. Now, if you can all hold these poses for just a few more seconds, I’ll have a splendid picture for May’s caption competition”

  11. Dean Bullen says:

    “Before moving on to what I see as the unforeseen consequences of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act of 2011, I will briefly demonstrate how to do The Twist….”

  12. All the Morrissey fan in the background is thinking is: “World peace is none of your business…each time you vote you support the process” … as I was saying about the House of Lords…

  13. Alex M says:

    “You say the British Constitution isn’t rocket science? Well …”

  14. Alex M says:

    “When I point out I don’t drink, I’m usually offered tea, not a bottle of tango.”

  15. Our report shows Lord Norton was saying “A face looked out, but it wasn’t the King’s.
    He’s much too busy a-signing things,”

  16. D F Rostron says:

    Lord Norton: “Coalition Government, I can see you are all successfully containing you excitement on the subject.”

  17. Contrary to some reports, Lord Norton said:
    ” Hull happy leaves when as those lily hands,
    Which hold my life in their law-making might,
    Still handle all and hold in law’s loft’ bands,
    Like captives trembling at the victor’s sight.
    And happy lines, on which with starry light,
    Those lamping eyes will deign sometimes to look
    And read the sorrows of Labour’s night,
    Written with tears in heart’s close-bleeding book.”

  18. Tony Sands says:

    As a rule I don’t normally “do” sporting analogies, but yes I think it’s rather apt. (LN clenches right fist) I suppose I am the Carl Froch of Parliamentary Studies.

  19. Tony Sands says:

    Cheer up everyone. You may not have chosen to study your politics in Hull under my tutelage but there’s no need to behave like a group of Liberal Democrats at a post Euro elections party.

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