July competition – the winner

UOH_1022 copyI can now reveal the winner of the July caption competition.  It was a difficult choice.  There were some splendid entries.  The number of winners could have run into double figures, but as I announced there would be a winner rather than winners – and dividing one book among several people would create some challenges – I have been disciplined and chosen what I regard as the best from an excellent field.

One or two eagle eyed readers (notably Dave Green and Rob Falconer) picked up on details in the picture that others overlooked.  However, there were clear themes, usually relating to lords – or a lord – and, how shall I put this, singing the praises of the lord.  I get the impression some readers think that to win they have to appeal to my vanity.  That is neither necessary nor sufficient.  The key criterion is that the caption has to be witty.  If it is witty and appeals to my vanity, then you may be on to a winner….

After long deliberation, I narrowed the entries down to two finalists.  They both picked up on Baroness Bottomley’s hand gesture and each seemed to fit especially well.  The winner is sbw24 with ‘And Lord Norton’s publications occupy this much space on my new bookshelf.’  (Mark Shephard had a similar idea, but I thought sbw24’s fitted best with the particular gesture.)   The runner-up is Alex M with ‘And the cake he brought to the interview was ‘this’ big!’ which combines a salient theme with the particular gesture.

If sbw24 would like to get in touch, a copy of Baroness Trumpington’s Coming Up Trumps will be on its way.  And the next time I see Alex M I will buy him a cake.


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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