Hull’s finest: Class of ’14

Bs_zVsTIEAEBrxpThe graduation ceremony for Hull politics students took place last Wednesday.  The picture shows me with some of the British Politics and Legislative Studies (BPLS) graduates.  The results were the best we have ever achieved.

As there was not an honorary degree being awarded at the ceremony, I was invited to be the speaker.  My theme was that receiving a degree is not the end of a process, but rather the start of one.  The degree is the springboard for one’s future, but the university experience shapes who you are and how you face the world.  You may leave the campus, but you remain part of the university and the university remains part of you.  This I think is particularly the case with Hull, which attracts remarkable loyalty from its graduates.  They are as proud of the university as the university is proud of them.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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2 Responses to Hull’s finest: Class of ’14

  1. Princeps Senatus says:

    It was a thought proviong and inspiring speech, Lord Norton. It put the student experience into perspective and reminded us of the world awaiting outside.
    Unfortunately, I had to miss the reception as my family and I had to rush back to London Heathrow as they had a flight back the same evening. I hope that all other students had a good time.

  2. Lord Norton says:

    Many thanks. Much appreciated. The reception proved very good: a valuable opportunity to meet graduates and their families.

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