August caption competition

PNTeaching2A combination of parliamentary duties and marking have kept me occupied.  Now I’m just embarking on my summer writing – see my earlier post – which will keep me busy this month.  Realising we are already well into August, I thought I had better introduce the latest caption competition.  Here’s a picture of me teaching – it’s taken from a seminar a couple of years ago.  As usual, the reader to provide what in my opinion is the most apt and entertaining caption will be the winner.  The prize will be one of my recent publications.  Good luck…

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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26 Responses to August caption competition

  1. MrJontyF says:

    Lord Norton introduces his students to this semester’s required reading.

  2. Gerry McMahon says:

    “If we form a human chain we can clear this lot in no time and the decorators can come in before we’re all due back in the autumn.”

  3. Tony Sands says:

    Bless him. He thinks he’s still in the chamber. Can you believe they haven’t got enough seats!

  4. Tony Sands says:

    No way is it a new teaching style for visual and kinaesthetic learners. Okay our tutorial might be about standing committees but I can see the glint in his eye. He’s just edging ever closer to that box of Mr Kiplings!

  5. seanjm72 says:

    so thats 6 with sugar and 5 without …

  6. Tony Sands says:

    After years of research and reflection The Norton View has been revised. I would like to introduce The Norton Stance.

  7. Ashley Wise says:

    The the class listens intently as a student explains the space-saving advantage of something called a ‘kindle’.

  8. “Please do not feel at all intimated by being surrounded by some of my recent publications.”

  9. Rob Falconer says:

    I accuse … Lord Norton … in the Library … with a Book

  10. Huw Daviss says:

    So, Lord Norton, which one operates the switch leading to the secret passageway?

  11. AndrejNkv says:

    If Lord Norton stood very still, perhaps nobody would notice that the book pile had become structurally unsound

  12. D F Rostron says:

    Lord Norton “As Chairman of this meeting I should at least have a chair”

  13. D F Rostron says:

    With students around a table full of tea and cake it’s like training a puppy, you have to be strict and teach them “sit, wait”.

  14. ken wilkinson says:

    Student-“So,is this your entre for the Turner Prize or can`t you be bothered to put the books back.

  15. N.N.J. Palo says:

    In this room you can see all the books you have to read to become a professor and a peer.

  16. maude elwes says:

    LN to student at bottom front of picture first on left, ‘You know, (his name) observant of you to notice that, but, it’s hard to bag a seat in the Lords, so I’ve got used to having to stand for very long periods. It won’t be long before you will too, transport being what it is now.’

  17. Alex M says:

    All eyes begin to turn on the unfortunate soul who forgot to bring cake…

  18. miafritz says:

    “Blimey! You’ve done all the reading? This is one for the books!”

  19. Mark Shephard says:

    I knew someone was watching us from the office next door.

  20. Mark Shephard says:

    It was a tad ironic that the book Spycatcher contained a hidden camera.

  21. Dehenna Davison says:

    “And if you study hard enough, one day you too could have this many books published!”

  22. There’s more to life than books you know; but not much more.

  23. Wenbo Chen says:

    The picture shows that the central issues are always tea and cake.

  24. Marika says:

    Student: So that thing you said about not leaning on the opinion of others, you didn’t mean that literally then?

  25. Hannah Ormondroyd says:

    “My name’s Josh and I’m a bookaholic”.

  26. Marika says:

    Student: When you said that one’s stance should always be supported by sufficient evidence, where does that leave you if the library will only let you take out five books at the time?

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