The August winner is…

PNTeaching2It’s now September, so I had better announce the winner of the August caption competition.  The entries were notable for their number and their quality.  There were some highly inventive as well as extremely witty contributions, so much so that it has been difficult selecting a winner.  The entries got off to a splendid start with MrJontyF’s offering.  barry winetrobe also offered an entry based on the books in the picture, apparently believing an element of flattery would make the entry an obvious contender.  (He was right.)   Others were based more on the people in the picture.  I loved seanjm72’s ‘so that’s 6 with sugar and 5 without..’.  Two were especially inventive.  ken wilkinson: ‘student: so this is your entry for the Turner Prize or can’t you be bothered to put the books back?’  AndrejNKv: ‘If Lord Norton stood very still, perhaps nobody would notice that the book pile had become structurally unsound’.  This evoked a nervous laugh, given that (as AndrejNKv may have noticed from observation) it is a little too close to the truth!  Any one of these, but not confined to them, could have emerged as the winner.  However, I have chosen the winner based on what I think fits most neatly with the picture. 

The winner is Alex M with: ‘All eyes begin to turn on the unfortunate soul who forgot to bring cake’.  Read it while looking at the picture and you can see why it pipped the other entries at the post.  If Alex M would like to get in touch, I can arrange to send a copy of one of my books, at least one he does already possess.


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