The constitution in more flux?

IMG_0272Just over thirty years ago I published a book on the constitution entitled The Constitution in Flux.  It was on the reading lists of many law as well as politics courses for years.  One reviewer described the work as prophetic.   I have been pursued by publishers who have been keen for a second edition.  I have not had time to get round to penning one, largely because I have been so busy with other commitments.  There is one other problem.  If I was to do a new work, other than calling it The Constitution in Flux, 2nd edition, what could it be called?   No one has yet come up with a better name than the original.  Some students have spent ages ruminating, but not yet come up with a better title.  The Constitution in Even More Flux was one suggestion.  Others have been a variation on that theme.

Any suggestions?

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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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19 Responses to The constitution in more flux?

  1. Mr Miller says:

    In the event of Scottish Independence (with the associated unprecedented changes that would be necessary following it), it could be called ‘The Constitution is Flummoxed’

  2. Mark Shephard says:

    Constitution in Chaos?

  3. tizres says:

    The Constitution: Respice Finem

  4. The Constitution that Changed Itself.

    I don’t think anything is better than The Constitution in Flux, but I see your predicament. Maybe something that implies modernity? The Modern Constitution in Flux?

  5. John says:

    Evolution of a Constitution or Coping with Change: The British Constitution

  6. Jana says:

    Reflux in the Constitution?


  7. Tony Sands says:

    A Contitutional Influx: Thirty Years of Evolutionary Change in British Institutions (Not great – sorry!) You really can’t change such an iconic title. The great virtue of the title c in flux is that it has wide appeal. It is catchy enough to appeal to a populist audience as well as being academic in tone. I can well understand why your publishers are keen. They would make a fortune! I hope you manage to write it – to distil all of those changes into a single accessible volume would be a huge achievement.

  8. Tony Sands says:

    On the other hand if my title were adopted your credibility would be ruined and your publisher’s profits might be wiped out by having to correct the typo!

  9. “The Constitution Completely Fluxed!”:

  10. seanjm72 says:

    i still have my copy ! I would call the next one ” For Fluxs Sake ” !!

  11. Ken Batty says:

    The Constitution Unraveled. Though Seanjm72 has taken the best title

  12. ‘The Constitution Shot to Hull’? ‘The Constitution v34.25666’? Or (using Roget) ‘The Constitution in Drift’?

  13. macarthursmutterings says:

    I remember it being on my reading list at Uni all those years ago 😉

  14. Dave Briggs says:

    ” The Constitution in Flux: Redux”

  15. maude elwes says:


    ‘Dolus Eventualis’ or ‘Indirect Intention’ strikes me as most appropriate. Or, could it be, ‘Dolus Directus’? (Direct Intention) With a covering line underneath in parenthesis, such as, ‘Principles Governing a State.’

    It would be eye catching. Especially with a dark red cover and gold lettered skull and crossbones across the top. Well the young were mentioned and that’s where its at for them.

  16. Depends whether you think the Flux metaphor is still relevant? Borrowing from Science have attempts to enshrine more elements of Constitutional Practice in Acts of Parliament including the Coalition Agreement increased Flux Density or should that be Constitutional Viscosity. Still she moves but there has been a hardening at the Centre as the molten stream of constitutional practice revolves ever faster and becomes ever more detatched in turn isolating the Centre (Devolution threatening the Break-Up of the Union): Solidifying the Flux or the Eddy in the Flux could be a metaphor for attempts to do this during the course of the coalition.

  17. Lord Norton says:

    Many thanks for some superb suggestions. As readers have recognised, it is actually difficult to better ‘The Constitution in Flux’. Some of the titles suggested are very attractive, but may not pass muster with publishers. The title needs to be simple, clear and fairly snappy. Mark Shephard’s ‘The Constitution in Chaos’ has a certain appeal!

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