Christmas caption competition

B3nSz7DIgAA1_UZAt the conclusion of the PSA Awards ceremony last week, I was chatting to former Home Secretary David Blunkett – we were at university together and variously get together in support of campaigns (as on citizenship education and the future of the Lords).  We were also joined by current Home Secretary Theresa May.  I thought the photograph of the occasion would make for an ideal caption competition.   The rules remain as for previous competitions: the winner will be the reader who in my view provides the most appropriate witty caption.

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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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20 Responses to Christmas caption competition

  1. Tony Sands says:

    Whilst it is a trifle harsh of you Theresa, I do agree that it is high time that David joined me out of harm’s way on the red benches. Many of our Lordships think the same should apply to you.

  2. D F Rostron says:

    What should we do if we all get invited to appear on the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special

  3. seanjm72 says:

    ” So david , how does it feel to be on the left of Teresa…for a change “

  4. Rob Falconer says:

    Britain certainly needs its own version of Mount Rushmore, but who can we get for the fourth head?

  5. maude elwes says:

    Ms May: ‘Of course we must be a united front, in it together. Perhaps the plebs will like it once they see this pic.’

    LN: ‘Lets hope not, at least not before May, Ay? He He He.’

  6. Croft says:

    Is Theresa May saying “I’m sorry to break this to you David but we’ve discovered sadie’s replacement Cosby is really an illegal immigrant in a dog costume!”

  7. D F Rostron says:

    David Blunkett “How much do you think we will raise if we go carol singing?”

  8. MrJontyF says:

    David Blunkett to Lord Norton: “I’m telling you, if you post this picture on your blog and tell your readers that the back of my researcher’s head is actually Teresa May’s they’ll all believe you.”

  9. Lord Norton was allowed to invite his own choice of companions to pose for the work featured in the new modern pop art section of the National Portrait Gallery — see the final piece by Blunkett’s artistic cousin here:

  10. Tony Sands says:

    T.M. : No David, it’s out of the question. We can’t possibly enact legislation to ban emigration from Ambridge.
    L.N. : Quite. Although I suppose I could make one of my succinct (and a’hem famously brilliant) speeches in support, on the floor of the House.

  11. D F Rostron says:

    DB “I don’t mind being Father Christmas but who’ll be Rudolph”
    LN “There is nobody in the either House call Rudolph”
    TM “But there’s more than one with a red nose who could take the part”

  12. David-“Better get some smelling salts ready,Theresa has volunteered to be our Fairy Goodmother but I haven`t told her it`s for three weeks stuck on top of a 70ft Christmas Tree.

  13. D F Rostron says:

    DB “Who was it who ate all the Christmas cake, the usual suspect I expect?”

  14. Mark Shephard says:

    Lord Norton wondered if the Home Secretaries ever watched ‘Homes Under the Hammer’.

  15. D F Rostron says:

    DB “So in the Parliamentary Nativity Play we could be the three wise men”
    LN “We could do with somebody to play a camel”
    DB “John Burcow could play the camel”
    TM “Why do you think that?”
    DB “Well he always has a hump about something in the Commons”

  16. D F Rostron says:

    DB ” Have you ever wondered ‘Why is there only one Monopolies Commission’?”

  17. DB: “Just hear me out. It is a bit of inter house and cross the aisle unity and a bit of personal redemption for me as well as launching my Blunkett Foundation for Sexual Reform in Britain. Not withstanding issues of love, sexuality and status — if you and I and Philip were to get married without divulging the inner workings of the union we would strike a blow for Tibetan polyandry, same sex marriage, the rights of British women to do inscrutable things and also the rights of the English parliamentarians to control domestic affairs in England. My apologies to your husband but at least you could keep things monogrammed for Philip. There is no rush in all this — I am not standing for election.”

  18. DB: Thank you. I think it is a rather fine necktie… fine.

  19. D F Rostron says:

    DB “There are 11 different types of people out there in the world, 1. Those who understand Roman numerals and 11. those that don’t.”

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