And the first winner of 2015 is….

B0I43-qIYAAFSR0I was spoilt for choice in selecting a winner for the first caption competition of 2015.   There were some splendid entries.  Some readers were very keen, submitting (not for the first time) more than one entry.  However, I have now selected a winner and a very close runner up.  The choice ultimately was between Andrew who offered:

Moderator: Psst, Lord Norton – as you’re presenting, where is the cake?

And a very late entry from Gerry McMahon with:

The Pet Shop Boys are still looking good in 2015.

Even I got that one.  I think.

In the end, I decided that Andrew was the winner: I liked the mix of what happens in my seminars with the posture in the picture.  Gerry McMahon gets the silver medal.  I would also add a commendation for the entry by NNJ Palo, which also made me laugh (The man behind the desk is thinking: ‘My working day has ended an hour ago.  When is he going to stop…?’) If Andrew would like to get in touch, a copy of The Voice of the Backbenchers will be on its way.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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