In rabble-rousing mode…

lordnortonOn Tuesday of last week, Report stage of the Recall of MPs Bill was taken in the Lords.  The Bill has not proved universally popular.  I was variously on my feet, contributing to debate on a number of amendments.  The last amendment to be debated was mine, providing for the Act to be reviewed after 5-6 years.  One peer, Lord Howarth of Newport, thought that I may be pursuing something that could be rabble-rousing.  Obviously, my reputation goes before me.

Unfortunately, the Government were not proving accommodating, either on my amendment or those moved by other peers.  I did not pursue the amendment.  It was rather late in the evening.  Even if I was in rabble rousing mode, there was not much rabble to be roused.  I may, however, return to the issue at Third Reading.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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