February Caption Competition

The picture for this month’s caption competition is of me illustrating a point to students from the Open University.  As usual, the winner will be the reader who offers what in my view is the wittiest and most apposite caption.  The prize will be a copy of one of my recent publications.


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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33 Responses to February Caption Competition

  1. seanjm72 says:

    ..and that’s how the house works , not like that ” just like that ” ( Sorry !)

  2. John Moss says:

    So, we all sit round this table, with our hands in this position. Then the Chairman shouts, “Bunnies!”….

  3. Andy Harley says:

    “No, the green-backed chairs are for the MPs …”

  4. Rodolph de Salis says:

    This is’nt my caption but your hands are remarkably reminiscent of the moves in this wonderful pop video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0eoAkbXH7Y

  5. Matt K says:

    And on the invisible turntables, give it up for DJ Lord Norton!

  6. Rodolph de Salis says:

    Caption: ‘To mix records you move your hands like this.’

  7. Alex says:

    “A copy of Commons Hansard? No, no I’ll just shake my hands dry.”

  8. arabgogs says:

    And then I said to Ann Widdecombe could you pick up my pencil darling?

  9. Ken Hope says:

    If you took what we call hands, out of our pockets. There would look like this.

  10. Jonathan says:

    “Today’s parliamentary choir rehearsal will naturally be different following the theft of the piano, but let’s try to carry on regardless. After me: 1, 2, 3… “

  11. ” . . . and down here is the trap door through which we dispense with unsatisfactory Committee witnesses. Some people have suggested it leads directly into the Thames but according to another theory . . . “

  12. Tony Sands says:

    Oh quite, Our Lordships aren’t just preoccupied with legislating or scrutiny and influence. We do know how to let our hair down. For example this very room is where Baroness Trumpington and I first did the Lindy Hop and to prove it I’m now going to demonstrate the basic moves.

  13. Lord N: “This tour has conclusively demonstrated my two Golden Rules:
    1. The Constitution is in flux
    2 Always handwash in Lux”

  14. Mark Shephard says:

    And then I ‘moonwalk’ my way to the Chair…

  15. D F Rostron says:

    This is the Round Table, I can be King Arthur you can be the twelve most faithful Knights, The Great Sword of State can be Excalibur, The Houses of Parliament can be Camelot then let the fun begin.

  16. Rob Falconer says:

    And we used the same wallpaper supplier as my local Indian restaurant

  17. Rodolph de Salis says:

    I may be a Tory but, look, I don’t have blood on my hands.

  18. D F Rostron says:

    The manager and trainer with the members of the House of Lords Visitors XI football team pose for a photograph.

  19. Madam Tussauds start selling off some of their old waxworks Villians.

  20. Simon Harley says:

    “And this is how I play my own entry music on the Wurlitzer.”

  21. tizres says:

    Nobody knew where to look as LN exhibited his coat of arms, as realised by Hull’s top nail artist.

  22. Tony Sands says:

    And this is the space that might well be occupied by a future Lord Straw of Blackburn. If only … his hands prove to be as squeaky clean as mine.

  23. Rob Falconer says:

    I’ve often wondered – just where is the city of Open?

  24. maude elwes says:

    LN to group of captivated as well as bemused onlookers.

    ‘Not like that, like this’

  25. Rob Falconer says:

    And, if you want to ask any questions, don’t worry – they’re free

  26. Rodolph de Salis says:

    I heard Sir Peter Tapsell say on Michael Cockerall’s documentary that he’s going to be buried near Louth, well, me too.

  27. Anyone got a Towel,the Hand Dryer in the toilet is not working.

  28. Gerry McMahon says:

    “Your Honour, l promise you like have never seen any of these people before. They all got out of the back of my van after l parked up for the night on Cottingham Road on my return from the hypermarkets in Zeebrugge”

  29. Mario Rabaiotti says:

    Sorry about this, I keep telling the wife to buy the quick drying nail varnish

  30. Ben Summerskill says:

    These seats are currently occupied by the openly-gay members of the 2010-2015 cabinet

  31. Tony Sands says:

    When we receive legislation from the Commons it’s rather like a getting a rough lump of clay, which we in the Lords, sitting at our virtual potters’ wheels, shape and mould into something functional. Right then I’m ready so who wants to be Demi Moore?

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