The oratory of Enoch Powell

IMG_0331My paper on the oratory of Enoch Powell has now been published in the volume Conservative orators from Baldwin to Cameron, edited by Richard Hayton and Andrew S. Crines.  In the chapter, I utilise the three modes that form the basis of the book: ethos, pathos and logos.  Powell’s oratory was not characterised, as many believed, by pathos – of appealing to the emotions – but rather defined by ethos (appealing to character) and logos (appealing to logic).  I address the impact he had, which may have been substantial in terms of mobilising support, but limited in terms of affecting policy outcomes.  In the concluding paragraph, I quote Roy Lewis: ‘The principles and passion that made Powell a force in politics unmade his career as a man of office and power’.  The book is published by Manchester University Press at, I fear, the princely sum of £75.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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3 Responses to The oratory of Enoch Powell

  1. tizres says:

    Unlikely to be a prize for a Caption Competition, then? You may wish to consider a different competition, such as ”Spot the Ball’

    PS Many happy returns!

  2. maudie33maude elwes says:

    @ LN:

    I admire much of what you do and stand for, but, far more I envy your life access to many people I yearn to have had dinner with. J Enoch Powell being one of them.

    Some time ago I listened to this youtube interview of him on Desert Island Discs. How the woman who presented this show was so utterly out of her depth with a man who obviously had so much more to him than ever revealed, because of PC lunacy, is a tragedy of the modern world. She didn’t touch the depth of his soul at all.

    I too get moved by Wagner and his Rhine-Gold. Dinner with Powell would have been an incredible learning curve.

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