21 years of editorship

FJLS Just over 21 years ago, I met the publisher Frank Cass to discuss the possibility of starting a new journal in the field of legislative studies.  I felt there was a need for such a journal, especially one that was not limited by any particular methodological paradigm.  The response was positive – Frank Cass was an ideal publisher – and we got under way with preparations in 1994, with the first issue being published in 1995.  Since then, Frank Cass titles have moved to Taylor & Francis, but there has been one notable element of continuity.  The editorial team – me as editor and Sally Clark as editorial assistant – has remained the same.

The journal has established itself as one of the two main refereed international journals in legislative studies.  It has attracted a dedicated readership – I take it as a sign of the value of the journal that subscriptions have remained strong – and authors drawn from around the globe.  Special issues have also normally been published in book form, the books selling well.  We have also sought to act at the interface of theory and practice.  We variously carry guest articles from practitioners and we encourage paper givers at the biennial Workshops of Parliamentary Scholars and Parliamentarians – where papers are designed to present research findings likely to be of practical interest to parliamentarians – to submit their papers as manuscripts for possible publication.

To mark this milestone, a reception is being held at the annual Political Studies Association conference in Sheffield.  The publishers have also filmed a short interview with me.  You can watch it hereThe cameraman was clearly keen on action shots…

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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