The May caption competition….

I thought I would take Mark Shephard up on his suggestion that I use a photograph from the University Founder’s Day Lecture I gave last month as the subject of the caption competition.  Having reviewed the pictures I have of the event, I thought I would stick with the one previously posted.  (I may use a  picture of some members of the audience for a later competition.)  As usual, the reader to provide what in my view is the wittiest and most appropriate caption will be the winner and will receive one of my publications.

Founder's Day Celebration GW0G2409


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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36 Responses to The May caption competition….

  1. Mark Stratton says:

    Professor S Risen for I knew him well…

  2. Roger Greer says:

    …and in the final of the great ecclesiastical bake off, I can announce that your soufflé has… …

  3. Alex M says:

    Lord Norton of Louth preaches to the congregation about how the Conservative Party has risen once again, bringing closure to the dark age of commentators frequently misunderstanding Section 2 (3) of the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2011.

  4. Daniel Walker says:

    He is risen indeed. Hallelujah.

  5. Colton Richards says:

    Can somebody please tell me what this Lord has done?

  6. Nic Crowe says:

    As it’s my last one whilst I am at university I should probably have a go!

    “More progress in The Reverend Professor Lord Norton’s ongoing quest to lengthen his name”

  7. Alex M says:

    “And on the 2nd hour the cakes had risen!”

  8. DN says:

    “Allegations of extravagance in Hull University lecture theatre refurbishment programme ‘totally unfounded'”

  9. Tony Sands says:

    And the Lord said unto his disciples, “Let us rejoice in the certain knowledge that visitor traffic on The Norton View, from lands far and wide, has risen and that it is our fervent hope that this is swiftly followed by a rising tide of book sales in Finland and Bulgaria.

  10. Tony Sands says:

    … And to the forgotten people of Croatia I say: Let them eat cake!”

  11. seanjm72 says:

    Now for the first reading from the book of flux ..

  12. tizres says:

    Revealed: the secret audition for Countdown.

  13. Cameron says:

    I love my new indoor chariot.

  14. Jeannette says:

    Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts!

  15. Well-known evangelist Philip Norton leads another successful altar call.


  17. Leon Ward - @Leonjward says:

    Eh? Of Course *I* predicted a Tory majority.

  18. Giles McNeill says:

    Lord Norton, the chocolate chew.

  19. Lord Norton rises to address the gathered national press to lecture them on why Mhairi Black is not the youngest MP since 1667.

  20. Whovian says:

    Lord Norton was indeed a man of the people, and often liked to have a little read in his study before bedtime

  21. Mark Shephard says:

    The Conservative phoenix has risen

  22. Princeps Senatus says:

    Behold the Lord.
    He has risen.
    He spake good words, words of wisdom.
    Praise the Lord.

  23. Matt Oliver says:

    This is a very nice lectern but where can I put my tea and cake?

  24. Tory Boy says:

    The blessing of the almighty Lord, Lord Norton!

  25. And on todays charity Antique Roadshow,Lord Norton decided to sell himself to help raise funds for Hull University.

  26. maude elwes says:

    LN from lectern: ‘And always remember, no matter what you believe are Chrisitan values, we, in this house, remain eternally grateful for your faith in first past the post.’

    • Tony Sands says:

      Well done Maude for being witty and topical. That would be my winner – members of any party who’d just won the election might just share those sentiments! And thirty years ago when he taught me, LN would smile benignly at my fervent arguments in favour of PR so he’s definitely got form as an advocate of first past the post!

  27. Mark says:

    Lord Norton of Louth models the brass codpiece that Wolf Hall were too modest to use.

  28. From one Lord to another do you think you could get them to understand the FTPA?

  29. Philip Lynch says:

    “No, I am not defecting to the Lords Spiritual.”

  30. AndrejNkv says:

    “…and before the annunciators, these large flags were put in the Central Lobby to tell everyone that the House has risen.”

  31. Jonathan says:

    “Had I known ‘Lord Norton has Risen’ was a reference to the high pulpit I needed to speak from, I might have told them about my fear of heights.”

  32. Gary Weatherhead says:

    “Water? I asked for wine in my rider!”

  33. N J Altham says:

    ‘Only one Lord is the expert on House of Lords reform.’

  34. “Scotland is apart. The rest of the election results depend on Reform, Immigration, Socialism, Economics and Nukes. I have prepared the convenient banner.”

  35. You may be the Lord Almighty but if you want my job I’m afraid you’ll have to improve on one publication in 2000 years.

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