The winning entry

Founder's Day Celebration GW0G2409There were some splendid entries for the May caption competition.  I have been spoilt for choice.  Every one who contributed should give themselves a pat on the back.  About thirty entries could have been ranked as second equal.  Some entries were very clever.  Thom Rawlinson took a leaf out of the book of the previous winner with his entry (‘Lord Norton rises to address the gathered national press to lecture them on why Mhairi Black is not the youngest MP since 1667’.)  Several readers came up with original suggestions based on the setting (‘I love my new indoor chariot’, ‘welcome to Hogwarts’).  Matt Oliver linked it to my known preferences (‘This is a very nice lectern but where can I put my tea and cake?’) and DN to the university (‘Allegations of extravagence in Hull University lecture theatre refurbishment programme “totally unfounded”‘.)  Several drew on the presence of a Lord, Princeps Senatus penning an especially clever contribution.  barry winetrobe offered a caption that I suspect may have won instantly had some of my friends been the judges.  Some drew on the banner in the picture.  AndrejNkv did a neat play on the use of ‘risen’ in a parliamentary context.  The other principal entry based on the banner is the one that pips the other entries.  Not for the first time, the first entry is the winner.  It wins on the basis that every time I went through the entries it made me laugh – not just smile, but actually laugh.  The winner is thus Mark Stratton with:

Professor S Risen for I knew him well.

If Mark Stratton would like to get in touch, his prize will be on in its way.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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2 Responses to The winning entry

  1. Mark Stratton says:

    Good morning – well this is a nice surprise. Many thanks.

    Wasn’t aware there was a prize (added bonus) – contact details are below.

    Thanks again,

    Mark 9 Edelin Road, Bearsted, Kent, ME14 4RD.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Lord Norton says:

    Many thanks. A copy of ‘The Voice of the Backbenchers’ is on its way to you.

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