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089d63123be68198I drafted a post recently on a debate at Lancaster University in which I participated, on the legacy of Margaret Thatcher.  Because I drafted it ahead of some of my more recent posts, it appeared before those posts when I published it.  If you missed it, you can scroll down or simply click hereYou get the chance to watch a video.

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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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3 Responses to In debate

  1. Tony Sands says:

    I watched it yesterday and enjoyed it. I think it’s brilliant that you are prepared to speak on this kind of debate as it certainly wasn’t a glamourous gig! You almost apologised for being partisan in your first post but your argument was as ever clearly based on facts.I didn’t recognise the other speakers but thought your seconder offered one of the best partisan defences of Mrs T that I’ve heard. If he isn’t a professional politician, he is so slick that he should be! My favourite speaker however was the lady not because I agreed with her arguments but because ordinary people outside of academia like me don’t often hear that kind of analysis! I would have so liked to have seen the look on your face while she was speaking!! I so envy undergraduates that they can access information in so many ways – watching this on YouTube is a good way into appraising the Thatcher legacy if you didn’t live through those years.

  2. maude elwes says:

    My view is this, it is without doubt that LN, and his sidekick, were better speakers, articulate and polished in the art of persuasion. However, their presentation has little logic. It was built on inaccuracies. Thatcher was used as a front man to sell to the public an idealogy that would bring them to the downfall they experience today. And these politicians did it through their absolue knowledge of human greed. They put a carrot on a string in front of the donkeys nose and it worked, and, if we are to believe the last election result, it still is.

    However, in this video it shows the moment the fat lady got up and sang, their sham melted as butter in a frying pan. And that is what will happen within two years of this present government once the electorate are allowed to view more of the truth we saw yesterday which showed our fellow man being ousted from their social housing hovel with seven children. All little girls, dragged in tears and placed in two ‘separate’ hovels as a result of their father, who appeared an honest man, could not find work. Just as the Conservatives did in the sixties. And these children, if an eye is kept on them, will soon be forced into that wonderful education facility called ‘in care.’ This is carried out to smash the family totally apart. Family not being flavour of the month presently.

    Conservative was in power doing this in earlier days, remember, ‘Cathy Come Home’ a sixties expose.

    And Labours answer is to float another Blair creature.

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