The late autumn caption competition


I recently spoke at the University of Lincoln Law School on ‘The Future of the British Constitution?’  It was a good evening, with a large audience.   The university photographer, Ben Mills, took a good number of photographs – several were ideal for the caption competition (so expect to see more in the future).  I have selected this one for a late autumn competition.  As ever, the winner will be the entry that I judge the wittiest and most appropriate to the picture.  The prize will be one of my recent publications.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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15 Responses to The late autumn caption competition

  1. Pendragon says:

    I still say Max Bygraves sang it better

  2. maude elwes says:

    LN to listeners: ‘Don’t be silly, you only have to look at the Lords and Commons to know you are employable, regardless of an ability. The career notion is simply a word used to draw you into an exploitative ideology.’

  3. Neil M says:

    Next door, the somewhat smaller group who had actually turned up to hear a speech on the Future of the British Constitution were left slighly puzzled as the Careers and Employability advisor signed them all up for apprenticeships.

  4. Cry`s of Sack the Juggler rang out after Lord Hutton`s balls fell around the hall.

  5. Daniel Cooper says:

    After reports that membership of the Lords could be reduced by 20% Lord Norton chairs a careers event for worried peers.

  6. Tony Sands says:

    Of course studying Politics will enhance your prospects. Look at me. I’ve got at least ten jobs, have an annex named after me, am well on the way to becoming a national hero in Finland.

    • Tony Sands says:

      … and am well on the way to becoming a national hero in Finland.
      (Given that I am a Politics graduate of a hallowed institution,
      it may be hard to forgive my grammatical incompetence!)

  7. Mark Shephard says:

    Philip’s multi-faceted career path took an unexpected turn as he found himself auditioning for the lead role in the Lord’s Christmas panto…

  8. Mark Shephard says:

    Technically, Lord’s vs. Lords’ makes a divine difference…

  9. Nicholas James says:

    ‘Now, some of you young people may think your more obscure skills will not make you employable in the modern world. That is not at all true. This impression of the cry of a great auk was what secured my peerage.’

  10. Tony Sands says:

    Well I couldn’t really say whether or not studying at the University of Lincoln will do much for your employability but it’s handy for Louth market on Wednesdays.

  11. Matt Oliver says:

    Does anyone know anything about computers? My speech is on here and I’ve already turned it off and turned it back on again.

  12. Matt Oliver says:

    Of course your career path and employment chances will ultimately be determined on how you make tea and whether you add the milk first or second.

  13. Tony Sands says:

    Ignore the banner. The title of your final undergraduate lecture is: How Membership of the Hull Mafia really helps you get ahead.

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