The Christmas caption competition

DSC03290By popular demand, here is the Christmas caption competition.  It shows Professor Hugh Bochel introducing me when I spoke recently at Lincoln Law School on the future of the Constitution.  I selected this picture because I thought it offered a range of possibilities for a caption.  As ever, the winner will be the reader who produces what in my opinion is the wittiest and most appropriate caption.  The prize will be one of my recent publications.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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31 Responses to The Christmas caption competition

  1. Pendragon says:

    Even when giving a lecture, Lord Norton never misses an episode of Coronation Street

  2. Pendragon says:

    Most of those attending the lecture on the future of constitution were disappointed, as they’d got their pros and cons mixed up

  3. Richard Quirk says:

    As you probably know Lord Norton also claims to have caught the largest fish by any University Professor, it was at least this big!!!!

  4. John says:

    “….And that is how our guest speaker proved that Jazz hands are a key component of the British Constitution”

  5. Gary Weatherhead says:

    Lord Norton diversifies into puppetry with remarkable aplomb..

  6. daleandshaker says:

    It was a little unfair of Prof. Bochel to point out the exits before Lord Norr began.

  7. Daniel Cooper says:

    In football news a Christmas injury crisis forces major changes in the Academics First XI. Prof. Bochel is revealed as goalkeeper and Lord Norton announces with a wry smile that he will – naturally – be shoring up the team’s right-wing.

  8. seanjm72 says:

    after three.. if your happy and you know it clap your hands

  9. AndrejNkv says:

    The sign language translator gives up mid-way through the fourth spelling of “pre-legislative scrutiny”

  10. Gerry Mcmahon says:

    I’d always understood that the sign language interpretor was a rather small person in the bottom right hand corner but once they get on television they think they are the star of the show!

  11. ‘Such is the uncodified state of the constitution of the United Kingdom that it appears to spring out at us much like it appears Professor Hugh Bochel springs out of the computer monitor.’

  12. To make ends meet,Lord Norton takes a job as a Bingo Caller.

  13. Ruth Dixon says:

    “And tenthly…”

  14. Neil M says:

    Prof Bochel takes the precaution of demonstrating the minimum safe distance if he is forced to use the newly installed and charging defribilator that the university insists is kept on standby when Lord Norton gives one of his “talks”. Its health and safety gone mad!

  15. Tony Sands says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Lord Norton will now take questions about his life and work but wishes it to be known beforehand that he is in no way related to Vince Cable.

  16. Tony Sands says:

    Just back off. I couldn’t get a contact number for Erskine May but I’ve ‘eard this bloke’s even better.

  17. tizres says:

    Peak airbrushing:

    Happy New Year!

  18. Daniel Cooper says:

    Lord Norton welcomes in the New Year with a midnight lecture on the British constitution. But first the countdown. All together now…..10….

  19. Kim Styles says:

    never paint your nails just before you need to retrieve your prepared speech

  20. Alex M says:

    Would a cake “this” large be sufficient as a speaker’s fee?

  21. Tony Sands says:

    Now flying the Eurovision flag for the Upper House with his own composition, ” We don’t need no elected Second Chamber!” a huge round of applause for Louth’s very own Peer One.

  22. Uday says:

    “Where’s my Christmas card Lord Norton?”

    “It’s unwritten, but it still works”

  23. Uday M says:

    “He told me my Christmas card was unwritten, but it still functioned correctly”

  24. ‘If anyone suffers from poor constitution and becomes unwell, please let us know- a first aid notice & phone to call a doc is readily available’

  25. In the likely event you need to make an emergency escape from Lord Norton’s talk, your emergency exists are located here and here.

  26. AlexS321 says:

    Norton: Thank you, thank you, but please hold back your applause until I have presented an alternative to an unelected second chamber.

  27. Wenbo Chen says:

    “I am going to push over the screen, in order to let you see the speaker more clearly.”

  28. Mark Shephard says:

    Not quite the Little and Large Christmas Special the audience were expecting

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