Tripping over names…

25412_jpgDuring a recent debate, Lord McAvoy (pictured), speaking from the Opposition Front Bench, stumbled slightly in trying to recall my name and decided that when we were debating amendments to the Scotland Bill last week he should seek to correct himself.  It didn’t quite come out as he intended:

“Lord McAvoy (Lab): My Lords, for the removal of any doubt, I do not support any amendments in this group. But I am pleased to be given the chance to try again to pronounce the name of the noble Lord, Lord Louth of Norton—I have done it again—the noble Lord, Lord Norton of Louth, because he is a profound constitutional expert and he has my total admiration and respect, and I apologise for the mix-up.”

If references to me are to be accompanied by tributes of that sort, I am more than happy for peers (or indeed anyone else for that matter) to have problems getting my name right…

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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1 Response to Tripping over names…

  1. Lord Norton,

    I think it is nice that you post such a cordial exchange. If for no other reason than providing evidence that they exist, polite communications between political opponents are worth noting.

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