The March caption competition

5063459-largeI appreciate that it is time for a new caption competition, so here is the one for March.  The picture was taken when I opened the Norton Lodge at my old school, Louth King Edward VI Grammar School.  The winner will be whoever offers what in my view is the wittiest and most appropriate caption.  The prize will as ever be one of my publications.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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22 Responses to The March caption competition

  1. Oude says:

    Before the schools annual Punch and Judy show started, the actors posed in front of the set.

  2. Before the annual Punch and Judy show, the actors posed in front of the set.

    • Daniel Cooper says:

      Someone got to it before me. My first thought was something similar:

      Tory peer ignores Cameron’s pledge to end “Punch and Judy politics”

  3. Ken Batty says:

    1. Those curtains will look lovely in my office in the Lords
    2. I can’t pull the cord my arms have disappeared
    3. Norton Lodge – Is it a retirement home?
    4. Your hems are different length… At least there is more on the right!
    5. I still don’t think I can get through the door with ducking

  4. Me red belt’s just over there on the rail Lord Norton. Me trousers are about to fall down.

  5. Ken Batty says:

    5. I still don’t think I can get through the door without duckinh

  6. Pendragon says:

    Er, shouldn’t the curtains be on the inside?

  7. Pendragon says:

    The Headmaster was deeply ashamed of the school’s double-glazing

  8. Pendragon says:

    After the unveiling ceremony, Lord Norton discovered that the plaque consisted solely of another caption from Ken Batty

  9. More astounding than ‘The Da Vinci Code’! At last, discover the strange practices and sinister writings of that most exclusive of secret societies, the political scientists from Hull. Revealed, for the first time – THE NORTON LODGE!!

  10. It will be Curtains for me,if the wife finds out I`ve borrowed her favourite nets.

  11. Neil M says:

    Is the other chap saying “I don’t know who he is. We didn’t invite him. He simply turmed up with his own set of net curtains on wheels and demanded to be allowed to open something. Anything. I managed to get him outside until Security arrived”

  12. Mark Shephard says:

    It soon became obvious that the “interior” design challenge at Norton Lodge had backfired on several fronts…

  13. Mark Shephard says:

    Lord Norton was shocked to find out that the Norton Lodge was not a stylish new annex to house his burgeoning library and archives.

  14. Jonathan says:

    The school was so proud to name its new lodge after Lord Norton that they fixed the plaque to a movable trolley rather than to the wall. This was to allow it to be brought inside in bad weather – or at least that’s what they told him – and had nothing to to with being able to hide it away.

  15. Tony Sands says:

    The EU Development Fund Application is on hold at the moment m’lord, but we’re hoping that by next Summer, even if Boris gets in, that we’ll have the cash to pay for the roof and some plastic windows.

  16. Tony Sands says:

    Headmaster, the strategic addition of a trouser press in each room – including yours – would both enhance the Lodge experience and maintain the standards of sartorial elegance with which my name is associated.

  17. tizres says:

    “Keep smiling and hope no-one notices we’ve just unveiled the Bishop’s washing line.”

  18. Ken batty says:

    It’s curtains for Norton

  19. Ken batty says:

    We’ve built the blackboard, the rest of the classroom will follow when we get some more money.

  20. Neil M says:

    Trust me Headmaster, they have turned this into a real money spinner at Kings Cross Station simply by sticking a Platform 9&3/4 sign to the wall. And once I’ve added a scale model of Hogwarts made entirely out of my publications, we will have enough cash to actually build Norton Lodge.

  21. This is very nice but the Norton I was expecting was for my Computer Security.

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