Obtaining copies….

20160311_103237Further to my previous post, if any reader in the UK who is not on campus or in Westminster, and thus not able to collect copies personally, would like copies of both the Magna Carta and Founder’s Day Lectures, just send an A4 self-addressed envelope, with stamps to the value of £1.26, to me at the University of Hull (HU6 7RX) and copies will soon be on their way to you by first class mail.

In monetary terms, the booklets are free.  In intellectual terms, of course, priceless. Oh yes.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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5 Responses to Obtaining copies….

  1. tizres says:

    Lord Norton, you are the embodiment of priceless, but how much for personally signed copies?

    • Lord Norton says:

      tizres: Personally signed copies are gratis on request. Cannot say fairer than that…

      • tizres says:

        Thank you for the reminder!

        PS I note the postage rates went up recently: do I take it that the 2015 charge of £1.26 mentioned above was as for a first-class large letter up to 250g? (If so, the price is £1.27 from 1 April 2016.)

  2. maud elwes says:

    Lord Norton, so many people, including me, would love to read your ‘free’ pamphlets. However, to save money, time and exclusion why not have them put on line where anyone with an interest can explore, learn from them and give you quick feed back?

    It would help usl to know more about how we reached where we are as well as give some idea of where we are going.

    Once again I have to wish you a happy belated birthday. I have no excuse as it was in my diary, how I passed over it I don’t know.

    So, here’s hoping you have another wonderful, productive and of course prosperous year.


    • Lord Norton says:

      maude elwes: Many thanks. Although after the event, your birthday wishes are not that belated in that I shall be having an ‘official’ birthday celebration later.

      I am exploring putting the papers on line. Online copies, though, are never quite the same as the printed version.

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