April caption competition

MB and PN BannerThis month’s caption competition shows me and Dr Matt Beech at a PSA specialist group on Conservatives and Conservatism event, taken some time ago.   As usual, the challenge is to come up with a caption that is witty and particularly appropriate to the picture.   The reader who submits the one that I select as the wittiest and most appropriate will, as usual, receive a copy of one (or more) of my recent publications.

I usually select a picture that I think is quite challenging, but readers regularly prove me wrong.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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18 Responses to April caption competition

  1. Lord Norton may take a great picture but he might not be the best person to put in a football wall.

  2. Alex S says:

    BBC viewers left deeply disappointed with the announcement of their latest Saturday night variety show hosts:

    The Two Poli’s: Beechy and Lordy.

  3. Tony Sands says:

    MB: How are they going to react when they find out that my real area of interest is the Labour Party?
    LN: Oh don’t worry, they’re a forgiving lot. Just don’t mention my offshore investment portfolio in Finland and everything will be fine.

  4. Pendragon says:

    They were impressive, but Lord Norton realised he’d just have to get smaller business cards

  5. seanjm72 says:

    Political studies association new hall of mirrors throws up some interesting images …

  6. Tony Sands says:

    Political theorists and commentators may argue that it nigh on impossible to distinguish between New Labour and the Modern Conservative but the Norton View maintains that strict adherence to the ideological principle “no brown in town” is the determining factor.

  7. Matthew Oliver says:

    Is the man dressed up as a sign saying to Dr Beech “please stop standing on my foot.”

  8. D F Rostron says:

    MB. “What do you think would be a good collective noun for a group of Chancellors? Bearing in mind it should be a name representative of their actions.”
    LN. “From my experience I would think a Denial of Chancellors, because what ever is wrong with the economy they always deny it’s their fault.

  9. For sale Novelty Bookends,contact Lord Norton.

  10. dehenna27 says:

    “I can’t believe how real our cardboard cutouts look!” – Lord Norton

    “What a great ploy to give next year’s lectures completely by audio link!” – Dr Beech

  11. Craig B says:

    David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn were delighted with their visit to the Political Studies Assn annual pop-up banner unveiling

  12. Neil M says:

    Is the sign thinking “If this is the audition queue for the part of “The Magic Carpet” in the new stage production of Aladdin, I’ve got to be in with a shout. Third in line and just look at the two in front.”

  13. tizres says:

    Two chaps brave it out as they realised they’ve joined the wrong PSA line.

  14. Daniel Cooper says:

    Is it just me or does Lord Norton and Dr Beech look like a pair of bouncers?
    “Sorry! If you are not a Tory you are not coming in!”

  15. Gerry mcmahon says:

    And it’s goodnight from me and goodnight from him

  16. Nicholas James says:

    ‘Instead of writing their own vows, in a slightly unusual move, the grooms have decided to come up with a new name for their marriage instead.’

  17. Neil M says:

    With Panama no longer being an option and not having fully understood what was involved, Lord Norton proposes using this old sign as an alternative “shelter”. When challenged about the lack of security, he pointed out that if the prospect of an event on Conservatives and Conservatism does not deter potential robbers, him standing in front of it attempting a welcoming grin will certainly see them off

  18. maude elwes says:

    LN: ‘Anyone who has the smallest talent for political studies must quickly observe, my tie and shoes fully support conservative values. His are suspect.’

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