May caption competition

The picture for the May caption competition shows me chairing the debate on membership of the EU with Conservative MP Graham Brady (supporting leave) and Sir Vice Cable (supporting remain).  As ever, the winning entry will be the one that in my opinion is the most appropriate and witty.  Some entries are occasionally appropriate to the picture, but not very witty, and some are very funny without relating that clearly to the picture.  The winner as ever will receive one or more of my recent publications.



About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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28 Responses to May caption competition

  1. Dean B says:

    Is the guy on the right saying “if he calls me Vice again I will punch him…”?

  2. Thomas Caygill says:

    Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with the electorate.

  3. Daniel Walker says:

    As Vince Cable looked away sheepishly, Lord Norton felt compelled to announce to the room: “That he who smelt it, dealt it”.

  4. Will Wilshere says:

    “And so following the mess that British politics has become lately my esteemed colleagues and I have decided to declare ourselves de-facto leaders of the nation in order to restore some sense and order. And of course, as I am the leading expert in the British constitution, I challenge anyone to try and tell me we can’t.”

  5. This joint collaboration between the fine arts, politics and the obscure field of statistical topography is doubtless promising…

  6. tizres says:

    Mr Brady appears to be in some pain, for which he…I can go no further.

  7. Gerry McMahon says:

    And for our pleasure today the gentlemen on either side of me will provide a graphic description of the catastrophic consequences which will occur should we not support their recommendation and if no outright victory results it will go to penalties.

  8. Lord N: “Now that both speakers have produced behind me their respective illustrated visions of what the UK would be like in or out of the EU, I now call on them to explain to you – and even to me! – what on earth they mean!!”

  9. Pendragon says:

    Lord Norton takes gold once again …

  10. D F Rostron says:

    Lord Norton: “You will all be able to assess which is the most interesting in the EU Referendum debate, leaving or staying or the paint drying on the wall behind me”.

  11. D F Rostron says:

    Lord Norton, clasps his hands as if in prayer and says ” For what we are about to receive may The Commons make us truly thankful”.

  12. Alex S says:

    “30 odd years of this, and still you’re unclear. Paper givers must bring a cake to the presentation!”

  13. Matthew Oliver says:

    Lord Norton tries manfully to stay on topic whilst simultaneously praying Sir Vince will stop playing footsie with him!

  14. Philip Lynch says:

    “Vince is ‘In’, Graham is ‘Out’, and I will ‘shake it all about’.”

  15. Matt says:

    Vince Cable: “I promised myself that after the coalition I wouldn’t spend my time in endless meetings listening to the Tories…”

  16. maude elwes says:

    LN from side of mouth: ‘Remember, Graham, old boy, we already have the postal vote count and ‘Vice’ knows it, so he’s smug. I can’t show my colours, it’ll give the game away.’

  17. Matthew Oliver says:

    Lord Norton: So to sum up the debate, Mr Brady thinks the glass is half empty whilst Sir Vince thinks its half full.

  18. Mark Shephard says:

    Not only did Lord Norton call me ‘Vice’ but he sat me under the blue colour and not the orange on the other side. I’m guessing his constitution is in flux…

  19. Tony Sands says:

    LN: … And soon you will find that there comes a time … for making your mind up.
    VC: It’s alright for him. It’s the two of us on the outside who have to rip off our lower garments.
    GB: I’m definitely for leaving.

  20. seanjm72 says:

    and as you can see Lords get a bottle and glass, MPs a glass and ex_MPs sod all !

  21. Tony Sands says:

    LN: Surprise, surprise Sir Vince. Do you remember that infinitely more intelligent and handsome, younger brother, whom you jealously abandoned on that day trip to Louth market back in ’56 – I remember it well, I was researching Conservative Dissent under Eden …
    Sir V: Stoney-faced with even more embarrassment than when the Lib Dems signed the coalition agreement.
    GB: This entry could have been worse. Thank goodness The Noble Lord doesn’t look a bit like Corbyn.

  22. Gary Weatherhead says:

    Vince thinking to himself, “I wonder, should I decide to stay in, or go out…….for my tea tonight?..”

  23. Mark Shephard says:

    The unveiling of Lord Norton’s first attempt at art entitled, ‘The contemporary state of the British constitution: concept II’ led to much panel bemusement as to how to top that…

  24. Alex M says:

    It was obvious in hindsight with whom the Chair was, but neither debater had anticipated arguing their positions on their resulting constitutional implications from first principle …

  25. The paint on the wall might be Non Drip but I`m not sure about Lord Norton`s companions.

  26. Grace says:

    Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour!

  27. Luke says:

    As I am sure your aware it is a very stressful time at parliament momentarily; with the referendum looming and Labour grabbing our Boris’s side project. Ohh, sorry for not being able to secure representation from the official opposition, they are utilising the commons solicitor service as for many their tenure is almost up with the Chilcot inquiry pending release. Hence of why Sir Vince is here today, envisaging a Lib Dem seize he has been trying to get some pragmatism out of Tim Farron. As you can see with Mr cable being the jubilant and joyous sole that he is, his actions were a mere transgression this afternoon when he got Graham in a headlock. But you must understand the EU market makes up for half of my and Mr Cables book royalties!
    To resolve the hostility I am pleased to unveil behind me the collaborative masterpiece of these two chaps, with a big thanks to the European Commission Art kitty for providing the brushes, paint and canvas. Now lets rap things up with a short prayer for the ring fencing of these funds.

  28. Daniel Cooper says:

    Vince may have lost his seat at the General Election but we’ve provided him with one today…

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