And the winner of the May contest…

CggcbkwWIAEOSedThere was an excellent crop of entries for the caption competition.  Not for the first time, I was spoiled for choice.  A number of entries had an EU theme, generating some wry humour, some cleverly linking the theme to the background artwork.  Some were notably observant – seanjm72 was especially good with ‘and as you can see Lords get a bottle and a glass, MPs a glass and ex-MPs sod all!’  Some picked up on the typographical error in the text – Vince Cable being referred to as ‘Vice Cable’.  I did not correct it as it would render one or two entries meaningless.

At the end of the day, I narrowed it down to three, with several almost making the final cut.  The two runners-up are Pendragon with ‘Lord Norton takes gold once again..’  – for some reason, I found this especially amusing – and Dean B with ‘Is the guy on the right saying “If he calls me Vice again I will punch him”?’   Again, I laughed as soon as I read it.

However, by the tiniest of margins, the winning entry is Matthew Oliver with:

‘Lord Norton tries manfully to stay on topic while simultaneously praying Sir Vince will stop playing footsie with him!’

Given his entry in the previous competition, Matthew Oliver is clearly observant when it comes to feet.  If he would like to get in touch, his prize will be on its way.


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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