Winner of the July competition…

CnJ663qWAAAlrJkThere were many very good entries for the July caption competition.  They made me laugh, but then created a problem in choosing a winner.  Not for the first time, I was spoiled for choice.   My initial short list wasn’t that short – I narrowed it down to ten – and then after much deliberation reduced it to four. I focused on those that combined wit with attention to the details of the photograph.  In order to narrow it down, I was rather strict (Matthew Oliver thus missed out, for example, with ‘As he looked around Lord Norton commented “this is one of the largest and most attentive audiences I have had for some time”‘ because I wasn’t looking round!).  Nicholas Hackett went in for a bit of flattery – ‘Lord Norton statute added to square’ – and was an immediate contender.  On a similar but less elevated theme, the contribution of Dean B – ‘Is the guy in black saying “These new inflatable Lord Nortons really make it a lot easier to do my job’ – raised a laugh.

After much reflection, the runner-up is Neil M with a typically original entry: ‘Yes, officer, I was standing in the square when a smartly dressed man approached, punched me in the chest and walked off with my new camera shouting that he needed it for next month’s caption competition.  Fortunately, CCTV captured the whole thing.’

The winner, combining topicality with an eye for detail is Mark Shephard with: ‘Do what for Spencer Tunick?  I thought I was here for an interview… away with the hands and the blue paint.’

For anybody who does not get the topical reference, see the story of the Sea of Hull here.  The prize will be on its way to the winner.


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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