Reform of the House of Lords

41-5xmvtkfl__sx324_bo1204203200_I have just completed checking the proofs of my next book, due out in June.  It is a short guide to reform of the House of Lords.  It considers the functions of  the House, previous attempts at reform, and the different approaches to the future of the House. It develops the argument for each and analyses the current state of the debate about the future of the upper house in Britain’s political system.

Even governments that have sought to introduce change have generally not questioned the functions of the House.  Debate about reform addresses  usually not what it does, but its composition.  The focus is on input legitimacy (how members are chosen) rather than output legitimacy (what it does). There are chapters addressing each of the four R’s in terms of composition – retain, reform, replace, and remove altogether.

As it is a short book, I am pleased to say that it is not expensive ( £9.99).  It is being published by Manchester University Press as part of their Pocket Politics series.  It is possible to pre-order copies…

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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2 Responses to Reform of the House of Lords

  1. Tony Sands says:

    Looking forward to reading it. I’m wondering what your concluding remarks might be in the context of current issues around how the Lords might seek to amend any Bills relating to Brexit. The media seem already to be starting a debate about the legimacy of the Lords’ scrutinising and influencing roles and that somehow a referendum result negates them.

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