The winner of the new year caption competition….

lords-speaker-lord-cormack-cliff-grantham-lord-norton-ken-batty-mp4_001298360There were some good entries for the latest caption competition.  There were a few obvious themes as well as a number of rather innovative free-standing entries.  One of the themes was cake-related, a somewhat recurring topic in the caption competitions.  The most obvious theme was to do with hand gestures and more especially fingers.  Matthew Oliver was on a roll with his two entries, one free-standing – ‘mirror, mirror on the wall, who has got the most hair of us all?’ [I am pleased to say that the mirror doesn’t lie!] – and one hand-related: ‘Ok so rock, paper scissors on the count of three’.  A late entry by U maudgil caused me to laugh – ”Let’s play hand puppets’. ‘If I do a three-eared bunny, you can do the cow’.

However, emerging from some strong competition was Amene Mir with: ‘Please my Lord, may I have my finger back?

He wins the competition and will receive a copy of a recent publication.

[For any readers of a sensitive disposition, I should mention that Ken Batty has been missing a finger for a great many years, isn’t fussed about it, and found the winning entry, and several others, very funny.  He is likely to be more agitated by mention of the fact that I clearly have more hair than he does.]

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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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4 Responses to The winner of the new year caption competition….

  1. Ken Batty says:

    Is this the first time the photographer is also the winner?

    As regards hair and fingers I indeed miss neither greatly, though if I had to choose the return of the missing finger would feature highest as one can get a wig but not a suitable replacement finger.

    • maude elwes says:

      Dear Mr Batty,

      Please do forgive my caption offering regarding your missing finger. I honestly believed, and even when I looked again today with a magnifying glass, felt the picture simply had the missing digit folded under itself. Especially as LN had his index pointed clearly in front of him.

      My comment was not only impolite, it was thoroughly uncalled for.

      Best wishes,


      Maude Elwes

  2. Ken Batty says:

    Maude, your original post made me laugh out loud – no need to apologise

    • maude elwes says:

      Mr Batty,

      It is kind of you to try to alleviate my guilty embarrassment and I do thank you for that. How gallant of you in the circumstances. However, it was very unkind of me all the same. I shall make sure I do not repeat any such error in the future, should such a situation arise that is.

      With my sincere best wishes to you.


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