Hull’s finest – Class of ’98

I have been sorting through some of the paperwork that has accumulated over some years – several boxes still to go – and in the course of doing so discovered some old attendance registers, including for the class of ’98.  This coincided with having been sent recently a picture of the British Politics and Legislative Studies (BPLS) Class of ’98, courtesy of Dean Bullen.

The picture shows, from left to right, Mark Davis, Christopher Rumfitt, Robert Rand, Dean Bullen, Jonathan Whitehouse, John Quinn (largely obscured by me), Rachel Carson, David Russell, Helen Simpson, Stuart Quayle, Andrew Kennedy, and Alexis Wayne.  Missing from the picture is Suzanne Norton (no relation).   Another student who did the Parliament course, but was a law and politics finalist and so joined these students in classes in 1995-6, was Tracey Crouch, now the Sports Minister.

The photograph certainly brings back memories.  I know what several of these graduates presently do, not least because I follow them on Twitter, but it would be interesting to hear from any that have not been in contact much since they graduated.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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1 Response to Hull’s finest – Class of ’98

  1. Mark Davis says:

    Thanks for sharing the photo Lord Norton! Lovely to be reminded of a really nice group. It was kindly pointed out to me by another ex PLS student also working in the pharmaceutical industry, Joe Brice. I shall keep an eye on the blog from now on.

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