Reform of the Lords

I drew attention in a previous post to my forthcoming book, Reform of the House of Lords.  It is being published by Manchester University Press at the beginning of June.  It is a short introduction to the functions, history and approaches to reform of the House.

I mentioned that the book is available to be pre-ordered and I have been gratified by some people tweeting that they have already ordered copies.  When I checked on Amazon today, I saw that it ranked at just over 48,000 in the Amazon Bestselling rank.  This may not appear to put it among the nation’s best sellers, but I am more than happy with that, not least given that another book on the Lords comes in at over 1 million in the ranking and another at over 3 million.

Watch this space…

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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11 Responses to Reform of the Lords

  1. Croft says:

    Your book titles choice definitely follows the Ronseal principle!

    • Lord Norton says:

      Croft: I like to think readers are never fooled as to the content of my work! I was also minded to ask if I could put your words on the back cover….

      • Croft says:

        🙂 Considering the guff some books have on the front/back hagiographysing (is that even a word) the content/author – The Ronseal principle does seem refreshing!

      • Croft says:

        I’ve kept putting off, finding all sorts of excuses, not to clear out some old boxes in the loft. I almost thought to look if you were an author/contributor to any of my old politics books. Then I decided finding them would probably make both of us feel old(er) than we’d like… 😉

  2. tizres says:

    I’m intrigued: why did you look up your Amazon ranking?

    • Croft says:

      Aren’t we all allowed a bit of natural curiosity!

      Btw….looking quickly – not sure if LN is self-imposing purdah on himself but the Manifesto so far has so familiar gripes from this blog: The FTPA to be abolished (hopefully to the status quo ante – but the drafters are control freaks so probably manage to restore the law in the longest winded manner conceivable..) All voter ID seems in play. This seems to miss the point. Fraud where it has been suspected/detected seems to be primarily in postal voting rather than personation. (I can’t see the text atm – I want a PDF not some stupid interactive page flicking app which I can’t search 😦

      • tizres says:


        I’m sure you’ve already found a pdf but… …proof exists somewhere that ISSUU is the work of the devil. That said, the manifesto itself is as brave as it is dense.

        Meanwhile, the leaflet from my Labour candidate dropped on the door mat. A page was dedicated to supportive words from residents, such as “Even though we are not fans of the Labour Party leadership, we know Phil is the best person to represent our community.” Another dedicated himself to the cause with a rousing call of “With no political bias I vote for the man, not the party.” Goodness knows what didn’t make the final edit.

      • Croft says:

        Have now thanks though, you’d think they’d make it easy but for a few hours its was impossible to find. Pretty general and non specific. V Pleased re Section 40 which was an insult to a free press…

        “Goodness knows what didn’t make the final edit.”


        Judging by various blogs you are receiving similar leaflets to many people from Labour that’s almost running against itself (or its leader) in its content. So far at least I’ve had no opposition party bumpf at all.

        BTW is it just me; I seem to have seen in blogs more pics of clearly illegal leaflets (no imprint etc), incorrect dates, spelling mistakes or other errors than I can ever remember before in an election.

    • Lord Norton says:

      tizres: I was checking what they listed as the publication date. The best seller ranking appears just below it, so it is not difficult to miss. I noticed it was actually doing rather well in the list. However, my cunning plan has not quite worked. Since my post, it has slipped down in the rankings. ‘sad face’

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