November caption competition…

I am conscious I have not done a post for some time.  It has been a hectic few weeks – we are already at the half-way point of the teaching semester.  I plan to catch up on posts.  I thought I would resume with a caption competition, and – as a treat to readers – promise another competition in short order.  (I have an appropriate photograph, which includes some of my academic colleagues, ready.)  The picture here is of me taking part in a broadcast recently at Estuary News, the Grimsby-based community broadcast station.  I was doing the news review after recording an interview for their ‘Hot Topic’ programme.  As usual, the winner will be the caption that in my view is the wittiest and most appropriate to the picture.  The prize will be a copy of Reform of the House of Lords.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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23 Responses to November caption competition…

  1. Tony Sands says:

    LN: How’s Brexit going? Em … Swimmingly.

  2. Richard Quirk says:

    Amazing four years interest free credit on these red sofa, might be able to get a deal for the Lords!

  3. Up a creek without a paddle!

  4. labeldesalis says:

    ‘I can’t reach your knee’

  5. seanjm72 says:

    If i have to keep this face going much longer then you’ll really see what cross benches are !

  6. Pendragon says:

    When feng shui goes bad …

  7. Mark Shephard says:

    The back on this chair is so low I now cannot get up to reach the papers…

  8. Mark Shephard says:

    I said two red chairs, not two red beds…

  9. Bored at work says:

    Producers hope the comfy red sofas distract their guest from noticing he’s the only one drinking the tea.

  10. Gary Weatherhead says:

    Manspreading can be handy…

  11. tizres says:

    Bigly fake news:

  12. Dave Green says:

    Lord Norton trying his best to conceal his angst at the lack of cake on offer.

  13. chralie says:

    LN: “Thank you for seeing me on my private family holiday”

  14. Bored at work (still) says:

    Sofa so good…Lord Norton feels smug in the break about his latest media appearance.

  15. Rob Cadman says:

    Yes, we have red benches at work in London, this however is much better – we’re not allowed to have tea whilst we sit on ‘those’ red benches

  16. AskThePatrick says:

    On the show tonight, we have Lord Norton, Professor of Government at the University of Hull.
    Lord Norton mentioned that he feels more comfortable being questioned by a person on a red bench reading from a stack of papers as that is his usual work environment. We have designed the set accordingly.

  17. Alex M says:

    “You need not have gone to all this trouble to make me feel at home. I do really appreciate a good cup of tea.”

  18. Alex says:

    Early market research into replacing the House of Lords’ red benches has gone well: Lord Norton demonstrates that they easily passed the slouch test.

  19. Neil M says:

    Isn’t this how Alan Partridge started? Next stop, the 1am – 5am slot on Radio Norwich.

  20. maude elwes says:

    LN to camera: Once we pass March 99, the Woolsack must return to a very safe seat. I find this a comfortable forerunner to both backside and intellect.

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