Greatness thrust upon one…

Last night (Tuesday), there was a Speaker’s Lecture, in Speaker’s House, on the future of Energy, given by Caroline Flint MP and Drew Hendry MP.  The Speaker, John Bercow, normally presides, but on this occasion was not able to attend.   He asked me (as he has done before on the rare occasions he has not been able to be present) to chair it.  He sent a short message for me to read out, explaining his absence (he was at the O2 watching Roger Federer) and concluding with ‘I will watch it [the lecture] on catch up tv and you ladies and gentlemen will have the pleasure of the great Lord Norton in the chair!’

At the previous Speaker’s Lecture, he described me as a ‘phenomenon’.  I have been upgraded!  In reality, I suspect it would be more appropriate to say ‘the available Lord Norton’.  The Speaker regularly draws attention to the fact that, since the series started in January 2011, I have  a 100% attendance record, so he could be reasonable sure I would be available.


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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3 Responses to Greatness thrust upon one…

  1. Jonathan says:

    When I saw the title and image, I assumed it would be about Hull blowing their lecture theatre refurbishment budget once again.

  2. tizres says:

    “…since the series started in January 2011, I have a 100% attendance record, so he could be reasonable sure I would be available.”

    I share with you the eye-rolling abuse of ‘reasonable’ within Westminster.

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