Christmas caption competition

As promised, a Christmas caption competition.  The picture shows me with colleagues at a recent University Open Day.  Readers are invited to contribute a witty and appropriate (and in reasonably good taste) caption.

I tend to think the pictures are challenging, but readers regularly come up with wonderfully inventive and ingenious captions.  As usual, the one that in my judgment has produced the wittiest and most appropriate caption will be the winner.  The prize will be one of my publications.  It is possible that runners-up may receive prints of my portrait.  Well, it is Christmas.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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15 Responses to Christmas caption competition

  1. Ahmed says:

    Who said politics was full of white middle class men.

  2. Pendragon says:

    The question of who ate all the sprouts at Christmas dinner is quickly resolved when the University lift gets stuck between floors

  3. Ken Batty says:

    The advert for the University dental department fails to attract any students at the open day.

  4. Terence Smith says:

    The navtity rehearsals was going well; here pictured the lord and the three wise men, getting ready back stage, only problem was no one knew the way to the manger.

  5. Gary Weatherhead says:

    A pee[new year]r’s first selfie appears to have been gate-crashed..

  6. Rob Cadman says:

    Potential ‘freshers’ show the different options learnt at taster Selfie-Taking seminar.

  7. ken Wilkinson says:

    There was a disappointing turn out for this years Tommy Cooper lookalike competition.

  8. Look: the Lord’s ‘LOL’ing

  9. maud elwes says:

    Demented Professor produces disturbed pupils. Not to worry, when confident they collectively offer apologies, ‘ Oh, s’il vous plait, je regret, je suis désolée’

  10. Is this what ‘The Scream’ would have looked like if Edvard Munch had been happier?

  11. Tony Sands says:

    Of course Lord Norton is delighted with his decision to pose with colleagues for an enhanced, departmental portrait celebrating his 40 years in the 2017 city of culture.

  12. Tony Sands says:

    Mystery surrounds the identity of new Universities’ Regulatory Body Board members revealed in leaked press photo but O.f.S. said to be delighted.

  13. Gerry McMahon says:

    Yet another former boy band attempts to return for a final tour. I just hope they can still do the dance moves.

  14. Alex M says:

    It wasn’t just prospective students who popped in to see Lord Norton of Louth on the off chance there was cake …

  15. D F Rostron says:

    Eyes wide shut.

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