Getting there…

The weather in the UK this week has wreaked havoc with travel.  I managed to get back from Westminster to Hull late on Wednesday night, travelling as I normally do on the last Hull Trains service.  The train made it, eventually, sometime after midnight.  I could not help smiling, though, when the train manager apologised for the delay:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry for the delay to your service this evening.  This was caused by a late departure from King’s Cross because of the weather and because the driver needed a rest between shifts.  We were further delayed at Grantham, and at Retford, and by being diverted from Doncaster to go via Goole, and then having to return to Doncaster because of a points failure at Goole; and then at Selby because the signalman had gone home, having been told we were going via Goole.”

Given all this, the surprising thing was that we got in to Hull only an hour and 16 minutes behind schedule.  I was just glad to be back.  Full marks to Hull Trains for actually getting us through – and for their faultless on-board communication.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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1 Response to Getting there…

  1. Croft says:

    Minor miracle. I’ve been delayed longer on 45min train journeys.

    Best message I remember was back in London and the driver came over to explain why we’d been sitting for 30 mins:

    “I’m sorry about the delay but some idiot got out of the wrong side of the train at the platform ahead of us.”

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