Politics UK: the latest edition

The 9th edition of Politics UK has just been published by Routledge.  It is a substantial volume of almost 700 pages.  My contribution has, as usual, focused on the constitution (chapter 14), Crown (ch. 15), Parliament (chs. 16, 17 and 18), Prime Minister and Cabinet (ch. 19), ministers, departments and civil servants (ch. 20), and the judiciary ( ch. 22).

The book first appeared in 1991, with the eighth edition being published in 2013.   Although the basic framework remains the same, we have drawn on a range of distinguished writers to complement the main chapters.  The principal challenge has been keeping the work up to date.  This is especially problematic given the sheer scale of political developments in recent years and attempting to explain British politics in the middle of the negotiations for the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The publishers have done a remarkable job in turning round the manuscript in a short time.  The production quality is superb.  The book seeks not only to be an introduction to British politics, but also to provide an analytic framework.  Given its size – it is certainly a weighty tome – it is not the cheapest book around, but I think good value at a recommended retail price of £34.99.  For anyone seeking a solid introduction, get your copies now….

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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