Portrait caption competition

I am conscious that it has been some months since I posted the last caption competition.  Now is probably a good time for a bit of light relief before I resume posts on serious issues, including reverting to some issues on which I have posted recently.

More than one person has suggested that for the competition I should use the picture of the Lord Speaker, Lord Fowler, unveiling my portrait at the end of last year.  I realise that there are certain risks in pursuing that recommendation.  The ultimate safeguard, I suppose, is that I determine the winning entry.

As usual, the winner will be the reader who offers what in my view is the wittiest and most appropriate caption.  The prize will be one of my publications or possibly even a print of the portrait; or possibly both.

Feel free to submit your entries….


About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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19 Responses to Portrait caption competition

  1. Helen Whittaker says:

    And here we have a fine example of The Upper House selfie

  2. A giant step for cultural diversity.

  3. “I’m not sure this new version of bullfighting is going to catch on.”

  4. Dean B says:

    Is Lord Fowler saying, “Did you hear about the one armed fisherman? He caught one this big!”?

  5. Ged Mirffin says:

    “And that my friends is the secret of eternal youth! As you can see from this picture from the attic the Professor hasn’t aged at all.” Norman said.

  6. Pendragon says:

    This double-glazing salesman really impressed Lord Norton …

  7. Nicholas James says:

    “It’s really very nice, Lord Fowler, but I had been promised it would be made out of cake.”

  8. Fergal Davis says:

    The other portraits at Hogwarts were very excited to meet the latest Defences Against the Dark Arts Professor: Lord Volde… I mean Lord Norton!

  9. Rob Cadman says:

    It’s only the top half of me you see as I spilt tea down my trousers before the sitting and I was left wearing an old pair of Seb Coe’s shorts from lost and found.

  10. Mark Shephard says:

    If we can’t reform, replace, remove…we might as well refurbish!

  11. maude elwes says:

    I see, he remains as stiff as a poker. Tsk Tsk.

  12. Alex M says:

    And now to unveil the winner of this session’s Great Parliamentary Bake Off!

  13. Gerry McMahon says:

    “Having completed the portrait it was fairly simple to find a chap that could pass for the subject in a bad light. This is our man!”

  14. ken Wilkinson says:

    I told you that Pritt Stick wasn`t an underarm deodorant.

  15. Neil M says:

    If the Royal Mail can bring out a range of stamps to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dads’ Army, the least we can do is unveil our design for a stamp to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lord Norton’s peerage.
    Now, has anyone got a letter large enough to stick this on!

  16. barry winetrobe says:

    Lord Fowler: “As the selection of the next Lord Speaker was such a foregone conclusion, the House has had his portrait done in advance.”

  17. SJ says:

    Yeah, yeah, Dorian. Its very nice but why bother with the frame if you’re just gonna bung it in the attic?

  18. maude elwes says:

    Lord Fowler to group: This man is an artist, a pioneer, ready for the challenge of the new frontier, we’ve got have some music.

  19. The comfy chair lives on says:

    Lord Fowler: This portrait is the first time in living memory that Lord Norton was separated from a cup of tea for a considerable period of time. The artist just finished before he got withdrawal symptoms.

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