Portrait caption competition winner

There were some splendid entries for the portrait caption competition.  There were recurring themes, not least in relation to cakes and tea.  There were entries that may possibly be seen as appealing to my vanity.  More than one were based on the portrait of Dorian Gray.  (Let’s just say I found these rather appealing.)  barry winetrobe was especially on good form: ‘Lord Fowler: “As the selection of the next Lord Speaker  is a foregone conclusion, the House has had his portrait done in advance”.’  The entry of Dean B made me laugh – ‘Is Lord Fowler saying: “Did you hear about the one-armed fisherman?  He caught one this big”‘ – even though the joke is one that may not be having its outing for the first time.  Mark Shephard sought to raise the intellectual tone and relate the picture to the four R’s, introducing a new one.   Regular readers will not need to be advised as to the four R’s.

However, the picture that I thought was especially funny and related well to the picture was (not for the first time) the first to be submitted.  Helen Whittaker wins with: ‘And here we have a fine example of the Upper House selfie’. 

If she would like to get in touch, the prize will be on its way.

I might add in respect of The comfy chair lives on reference to tea, although the sittings for the portrait were lengthy (2-3 hours at a time), they were liberally interspersed with tea breaks.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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