Winner of the bank holiday competition…

After much deliberation, I can now reveal the result of the Bank Holiday caption competition.  Given the number of visitors to the site over the past week or so, the entries must have proved a draw or readers are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winner.

There were some splendid entries, with some very imaginative contributions.  Tony Sands was clearly on a roll.  Some entries attracted a mix of emotions.  Alex M (‘It seem that I have received a large number of emails relating to the “fire risk” in my office’) raised a laugh, but a nervous one.  Those entries that related to library books elicited an attempt to remember the last occasion when I actually borrowed a book from the library – it must have been ten or twenty years ago, possibly closer to thirty.  The picture may hint at why I don’t need to go to the library.  Dean Bullen has recognised the value of flattery (‘I’m sure there’s something here somewhere that I didn’t write’) and, not for the first time, his entry came close to winning.

A couple were fairly close to the reality, one perhaps surprisingly so.  Peter Foster with ‘Lord Norton is still in his office at midnight and wondering which key to press next or should he just give up and go home’ would win the category for closest to real life.  More surprisingly, Neil M came up with a characteristically splendid entry ‘Keen to revive the best traditions of early 20th century cinema, professor celebrates reaching the interval of his seminar by rising through the floor of his office on a mighty Wurlizter’ that was not totally divorced from experience.   (It was also so good an entry that Mark Shephard decided to replicate it!)  I used to have a office chair that I could raise or lower, so whenever a class came in I was able to raise it so that I could see above the paperwork on the desk (much higher then than in the picture) and then lower it when the class left.  I miss that chair.

On this occasion, the prize is shared.  We have two winners.  Tony Sands may be pleased and suprised to know that he is one of them.  His entry of ‘“Bookish peer and academic seeks domestic help.  Duties include light dusting.”  Splendid that will do nicely’ met the ‘laugh out loud’ test.  (His entry of ‘Online update of 2019 Who’s Who Entry: Hobbies:  Lord Norton: Erm…’ was also a contender.)  The prize is shared with Matthew Kavanagh, whose entry – ‘The “paperless office” drive in the University of Hull Politics Department hits a snag’– was very funny.

If both would like to get in touch, their prizes will be despatched.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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1 Response to Winner of the bank holiday competition…

  1. labeldesalis says:

    I thought of another caption: ‘Lord Norton enjoying the devolution of the House of Lords Printed Paper Office from Westminster to Kingston-upon-Hull’.

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