Caption competition

At this time of year, I thought a caption competition may be in order to give readers a bit of light relief.   The picture is one taken at the recent launch of the Higher Education Commission report on the export of higher education, as detailed in my earlier post.  Having given an opening address, I subsequently took part in a panel discussion.  When I saw the picture, I thought it may make a good one for the caption competition.   I do have a habit of being expressive.  Suffice to say, it was not the only photograph I could have selected.

As usual, the winner will be the reader who in my opinion provides the entry that is the most witty and appropriate to the context.  The prize will be one of my recent publications.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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17 Responses to Caption competition

  1. Dean B says:

    Here is the church
    Here is the steeple
    Look inside
    Here are the people.
    While most studies concentrate on the input legitimacy of those in the congregation, I will look at output legitimacy…….

  2. Ged Mirfin says:

    Professor Norton stated for those of my Colleagues from Manchester University unable to applaud my proposal they can respond with a double thumbs up instead

  3. Dean B says:

    “Go ahead, apply the thumbscrews. I still won’t describe Westminster as the Mother of all Parliaments…”

  4. Dean B says:

    “The first item on our agenda is hugging practice….”

  5. Dean B says:

    “Eighteen months ago I was out here, but I will continue my hunger strike until every single newspaper acknowledges that Theresa May can’t just ‘call an election’.”

  6. Dean B says:

    “Before we even start can I just say: this is my personal space. Anyone getting any closer than this will write me a 2000-word essay on the subject of ‘Why Mhairi Black is not the youngest MP in 350 years’….”

  7. craigieb10 says:

    So I said to the Prime Minister – look, if you really insist on dancing, you should crank up the Prodigy and bust out some proper moves, like this

  8. Before my gender change, they were THIS big.

  9. Jonathan says:

    The e-sports degree is one the UK’s biggest HE exports, and since Hull lined up Lord Norton to deliver one of the courses he has to fit in practice whenever he can.

  10. Pendragon says:

    Lord Norton explains to the less tech-savvy members how to deploy the thumbs when using a game controller

  11. Hankering for simpler times says:

    Speakers at the launch were appalled at the lack of tea with Lord Norton particularity expressive on the subject!

  12. Now that clapping has been banned this is how I will show assent and appreciation.

  13. Tony Sands says:

    A tentative fan-dabi-dozi from Lord Norton at the news that Jeanette Krankie is the newly-appointed Higher Education Minister.

  14. kenneth wilkinson says:

    Right,nobody leaves the building until the string from my cats cradle is returned.

  15. Rob Cadman says:

    “My students said I needed to put this much weight on to play Santa at this year’s students union Christmas ball”

  16. Brexit, Babies and Monday Morning Boredom says:

    “It really is amazing I’m not this big with all the cake that my students try to force feed me…but I digest. ” (wait for audience applause…not a sausage)

  17. maude elwes says:

    LN: We decided the need for a crying room took first place on our list of must haves. We simply cannot embrace a higher education facility without an equality gap for weepers and non weepers. How would our needy be able to sustain life’s difficulties without this meaningful outlet for pent up stress?

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