Caption competition: the winner

Time to announce the winner of the latest caption competition.  I fear Dean B may have been on tenterhooks for some time.  There were some splendid entries.  Some were related to the attempt to get people to wave hands rather than clap or were tea or cake related.  Those from craigieb10 (‘crank up the Prodigy and bust out some proper moves’) and Tony Sands (‘a tentative fan-dabi-dozi’) may require translation.  They are employing terms not to be found in Erskine May.  Some entries made me laugh out loud based on the distance of my hands from my body.  However, I am going to set a precedent by awarding the prize to a set of answers rather than one.  Dean B – who may be described as keen, though he tweeted that he was in fact desperate, to win – submitted five entries.  Three of them drew upon myths that I have variously sought to dispel and, given the ingenuity with which he drew out each one, I have decided that the three together win the prize:

‘Go ahead, apply the thumbscrews, I still won’t describe Westminster as the Mother of Parliaments.’

‘Eighteen months ago I was out here, but I will continue my hunger strike until every single newspaper acknowledges that Theresa May can’t just “call an election”‘.

‘Before we even start can I just say: this is my personal space.  Anyone getting any closer than this will write me a 2000-word essay on the subject of “Why Mhaira Black is not the youngest MP in 350 years”‘.

As regular readers will know, John Bright described England as the mother of Parliaments, a PM under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 now can ‘call for’ and not ‘call’ a general election, and Mhairi Black is the youngest MP to be elected since 1832.

If DeanB would like to get in touch, the prize will be on its way.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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