Time for a little distraction… the caption competition

It appears some readers, not least a number overseas, are conscious that I have not had held a caption competition recently.  Given all that has been happening recently, now may be the time for a little light relief.

The picture is one that has already appeared on the blog and which a reader noted would make a good candidate for the competition.  As usual, the winner will be the reader who comes up with a caption that I consider the wittiest and most appropriate in the context of the picture.  The prize will be one of my publications.  My history of the 1922 Committee, The Voice of the Backbenchers, has just been republished, so that will be on offer, if the winner does not already have a copy on their shelves.

Let the entries commence…

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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17 Responses to Time for a little distraction… the caption competition

  1. Craig Beaumont says:

    Does the excellent photographer get a prize? Or a credit?

  2. Pendragon says:

    But, before my speech, I would just like to say how much I admire Lord Norton’s magnificent garden shed …

  3. redsuffragette says:

    Oh John, don’t fret we all think you still deserve the peerage, and no doubt you’ll get it — after all we all know they’ll be a snap election before the New Year…

  4. Dean B says:

    Is The Speaker saying “Ladies and Gentlemen I am embarrassed to say I have forgotten to bring the customary cakes. I will now head to bakery forthwith, please let me know what you would like me to get. Give me your Order! Order!”

  5. Gary Weatherhead says:

    “After serving nearly 10 years as Speaker, I’m delighted to announce that I no longer need the assistance of microphones..”

  6. tizres says:

    [JB to Lord Norton]: No, no, I have no need of your help, Philip.
    [JB to the questioner]: I can perhaps aid your putative career as a would-be parliamentarian eager to belong to this otherwise distinguished assembly by informing you that I’m not in the habit of frequenting Freddie’s robing room. You may construe thus that my neck apparel does, in fact, belong to me.

  7. Mark Shephard says:

    Press the green ‘up’ arrow for elevation to the Lords

  8. maude elwes says:

    It is said, Leprechauns with fat belly’s and hair of mischief, surrounded by Tuatha De’ Dannan are simply fallen angels awaiting fate. Be careful if you stand near one.

  9. Pretending to work... says:

    Speaker shown the exit but refuses to go quietly.

  10. kenneth wilkinson says:

    Tonight Matthew,we`re going to be the Two Ronnies

  11. Tony Sands says:

    I can tell you from the heart that His Lordship’s new book Dissension in the House of Commons 2: The Bercow Years is going to be an absolute cracker.

  12. Robert Craig says:

    LN (irritably) ‘No you *can’t* change it to “addition” just because you feel like it’.

    JB ‘Go oooooooon, pretty pleeeeease’

  13. maude elwes says:

    This jockey is riding the wrong horse. He’s badly bred, doesn’t know who the trainer is or where the starting line’s located. He’s a waste of time, don’t put money on him.

  14. Pretending to work... says:

    Lord Norton: “I look up to him [The Viscount Whitelaw] because he is upper class, but I look down on him [Bercow] because he is lower class.”
    Bercow: “I know my place.”

  15. Last one before I do some work says:

    The Speaker: Lord Norton must be heard and this speech will last as long as it lasts until he is.
    Lord Norton: Are you taking the mic?

  16. Max Stafford says:

    John Bercow stands in for Lord Norton at the Speaker’s lecture series.

  17. Will Tucker says:

    Bercow, responding to challenge from audience: “My perambulations around the many charity shops of Buckingham to find this tie perfectly encapsulating my party political impartiality were undertaken with an extremely serious intent. I’m shocked you recognise it as a “Man at C&A” creation.”

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