Some problems of the constitution

I have just signed a contract with Manchester University Press for a book entitled Governing Britain: Parliament, ministers and our ambiguous constitution.

It is designed, as may be inferred from the title, to address uncertainties, or conundrums, in our constitutional arrangements.  It is not designed to provide an overall introduction to the constitution. Nor is it intended to advance a particular view of constitutional change.  There are various works that already do that, some better than others, but that is another story. Rather, it will comprise a series of short essays crafted to tease out problems that have arisen or been overlooked and that merit elucidation.

The inspiration for the book is Some Problems of the Constitution, penned in the 1950s (and later updated) by Graeme Moodie and Geoffrey Marshall, a work that is short, accessible and a gem for those interested in uncertainties of the constitution, such as the position of a ‘deputy’ Prime Minister – a subject I shall also be addressing.  Other subjects I will cover include parliamentary sovereignty, choosing a Prime Minister, conventions, ministerial responsibility, devolution, Parliament and Brexit, the relationship between Parliament and the Supreme Court, and, surprise, surprise, fixed, or semi-fixed, term Parliaments.

I mention this in the hope of whetting your appetite.  Don’t get too excited. It will be some months before I deliver the manuscript.  Whether that is before Brexit is another matter.  I propose to deliver on time.  There is no backstop.

For publication details, see here.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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