Winners of the summer caption competition…

Deciding a winner for the summer caption competition was not easy.  Not only was there a good number of entries, there were plenty that were clever and witty.  In the event, I reduced it to a shortlist of four, each of which linked my stance in the picture to my particular views on certain issues, notably the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, referring to the ‘mother of Parliaments’, representative democracy and referendums, and my recent post on Brexit – which also identifies the four who were short listed.  It was a tight-run finish, but in the end I decided that the joint winners were Dean B (not for the first time the first entry was a winner) with:

‘so if anyone refers to Westminster as ‘the Mother of Parliaments’ I suggest squeezing their *censored* like so, until they stop’

and macarthurmutterings with:

‘Let’s ALL take a moment to pray that the Brexit crash landing goes as well as it can..’

If each gets in touch, I will arrange for a prize to be on its way (even if, in one case, that entails getting it to Australia).  Given the quality of the other two short-listed entries, they deserve to be announced as runners-up:

sbw24 with ‘”A representative democracy and referendums fit together rather like this…’ *immediately pulls hands apart*’

and John Dobson with ‘Lord Norton explains to the British press for the umpteenth time the meaning of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act’.

I remembered what I thought of as an alternative to a book prize.  I think I will reveal that later,  Suffice to say it involves a picture of me…

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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