By popular demand…. a caption competition

At a time of bad weather, dark nights and a general election campaign, there may be a case

for  a bit of light relief, so time for another caption competition.  This picture (suggested for the competition by Ken Batty, who is giving the oration) is from the degree ceremony at Regent’s University in July, when I was installed as a Honorary Senior Fellow.

As usual, the winner will be the reader who offers what in my view is the wittiest caption and most appropriate in the context of the picture.  The prize will be one of my recent publications.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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15 Responses to By popular demand…. a caption competition

  1. Mark Shephard says:

    If only I had worn my full ceremonial robes, I could have Mayfaired their Regent Street…

  2. The propriety of the screening process was interpreted to this effect…

  3. Rob Falconer says:

    I thought you said we were going to see an Edward Norton film on the big screen

  4. Angela Morris says:

    “And the prize for best floral display goes to…”

  5. Matthew Oliver says:

    And now the final hymn…For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow

  6. Matthew Oliver says:

    Controversy on the big screen as VAR gets involved.

  7. KEN wILKINSON says:

    “Will you lot please move we can`t see the TV.

  8. Jonf says:

    The catwalk for Graduation Fashion Week is well underway, and robes are very much IN this season.

  9. Ken Batty says:

    The hymns were cancelled after Lord Norton offered to lead the singing

  10. David Chase says:

    Lord Norton was bemused by the request to have him judge the rose nipple-protector fashion show.

  11. Jacob Stevens says:

    “I do apologise for dressing so casually”: Regent’s scandalised by newest fellow

  12. Neil M says:

    Is Ken reminding this year’s Musical Chairs finalists of the rules, having had to disqualify one contestant for sitting before the music stopped?

  13. maude elwes says:

    There’s a clear binary choice for the public, yet now they expect legal contractural proof our fancy footwork is genuine. That’s unprecedented ‘prior’ to a vote, could be messy. Have they gone utterly mad?

  14. Alex M says:

    And finally the moment we have all been waiting form … Bring forth the Honorary celebratory cake!

  15. DF Rostron says:

    Lord Norton “Honorary Senior Fellow! Senior, how dare they, how old do they think I am.”

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