And the winner is…..

No, not the general election – we know who won that – but the caption competition.  The competition, unlike the election, has been a close-run thing.  There were several very inventive and amusing entries, all meeting the ‘laugh out loud’ test, with the result, not for the first time, that it has been difficult to decide a winner.

In the event, there isn’t a single winner, but joint winners.  I have avoided going down the Turner Prize route and awarding it to everyone as a collective enterprise.  Instead, we have a joint prize and two commendations (okay, runners-up ):

The commendations go to Angela Morris with ‘And the prize for best floral display goes to…’ and Matthew Oliver with ‘Controversy on the big screen as VAR gets involved’, which was clever and contemporary and, despite being football related, something I understood.

The joint winners are David Chase with  ‘Lord Norton was bemused by the request to have him judge the rose nipple-protector fashion show’  and Neil M with ‘Is Ken reminding this year’s Musical Chairs finalists of the rules, having had to disqualify one contestant for sitting before the music stopped?’   Both were both funny and related well to the specifics of the picture.

If each would like to get in touch, a recent publication will be on its way.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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1 Response to And the winner is…..

  1. Croft says:

    “No, not the general election – we know who won that ”

    Are you sure LN? It seems these days you run to the Supreme Court and get long standing constitutional cornerstones overturned 😉

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