The winning entry….

The latest caption competition attracted a splendid range of entries.  They were notable not only for quantity, but also quality.  It was difficult to select a clear winner given how many met the ‘laugh out loud’ test.  Several merit a commendation.  There was a tendency to play on the name of hippos.  However, the entries that stood out for me were more directed at the specifics of the picture.

Both Ged Mirfin and Dean B appeared especially keen, given the number of entries they submitted.  The former deserves a commendation for penning entries that were both humorous and educational.  The latter deserves a commendation for his entry – ‘What’s got 10 legs and a new book out? Lord Norton and two hippos’ – as well as being the first to identify the location, at least at county level; Paul Rosson pinpointed the actual venue.

I enjoyed also the entry from Jonathan: ‘Lord Norton looking smug after shopping the hippos for breaking social distancing’.  However, in a very tight contest – with a lot of grouping near the finish line – the winner is Ken Batty with:

Just eat the grass and keep your head down or he’ll try and sell you one of his books.

A prize will be on its way.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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