Published and forthcoming…

The past year has not been an unproductive one in terms of publications.  The picture shows my output since last summer in terms of works I have authored or edited as well as those to which I have contributed chapters or articles.


I have given a number of talks on the themes developed in Governing Britain, which I gather continues to sell well.  It has variously returned to a high listing in sales in the ‘States and Constitutions’ section on Amazon – earlier today it was back in the top ten – and I have much appreciated positive comments from readers.   Next week, I will be recording a podcast with Iain Dale to discuss my short chapter in The Prime Ministers on the premiership of Anthony Eden.

Not being one to rest on my laurels, I have a number of publications in train, some in press and some shorty to be submitted.  I shall be contributing a short chapter for Iain Dale’s next book, which will be on American Presidents: I have penned the chapter on William Howard Taft, the only President who also served as Chief Justice of the United States.  Between now and the autumn, I have six other writing commitments to complete, most on constitutional issues.  However, in terms of what is already in press, the most substantial forthcoming publication, due out in the summer, is the tenth edition of Politics UK, which Bill Jones and I have produced, along with other contributors, since 1984.  It has established itself as a, if not the, leading textbook on British politics.

Politics UK

We tend to produce a new edition every three years or so.  Given what is happening in British politics, it is always a challenge ensuring it is up-to-date.  As for the cover, it could be described as an idealized picture – no scaffolding!

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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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