Weighty tomes…

On Wednesday, I took part in a Hull University Centre for British Politics webinar on ‘GoverningE0ikqwwXoAIj4c5 Britain’, hosted by my colleague Dr Liz Monaghan.  It was an opportunity for her and members of the online audience to put questions about the themes developed in the book.  A recording of it should soon be available online.

There were some very good questions, not only about the book, but also about my other publications.  One was ‘What is the biggest book you have written?’  I replied that it was my first, Dissension in the House of Commons 1945-74, published by Macmillan in 1975.  As20170214_192707 longstanding readers may recall, it is now available in a softcover edition.  It runs to 643 pages.  I think it fair to describe it as a solid volume of data.  My other volume on dissension, Dissension in the House of Commons 1974-1979, published by the Clarendon Press in 1980, ran to 524 pages.  I have just worked out that my first three books ran to just under 1,500 pages (1,498 to be precise).  As for the length of the typed manuscripts…

I also immediately clarified that the first Dissension volume was the longest for which I was solely responsible.  I have edited or co-authored some substantial volumes.  Legislatures and Legislators, which I edited, runs to 571 pages.  And Politics UK, which I co-author with Bill Jones and others, typically runs to about 700 pages: the 9th edition has 691 pages.  The tenth edition of the book is being published this summer.

Fear not, there is a punchline to all this…

For some reason, when someone says to me ‘I have read all your books’, I am always a little skeptical.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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