Politics UK – now in its 10th edition…

Next week (29 July) sees the publication of the latest edition of Politics UK.  I have just receivePolitics UK 10 edd advance copies.  It is certainly a heavyweight publication.  At 780 pages it is heavy to lift – and that is just the paperback edition.  (There is now a hardbound edition, designed presumably for libraries.)  The first edition was published in 1991 by Philip Allan.  On that occasion, it was written by Bill Jones, me and four others.  Bill Jones came up with the idea; my contribution was coming up with the title.   Since then, the core authors have been Bill Jones and me, with others contributing specific chapters or thought pieces; in recent editions, we have been assisted by a third editor.

The book has established itself as a, if not the, leading student text on British politics.  The breadth of topics covered ensures a wide-ranging appeal.  It encompasses ideas and policies and not just institutions and processes.  You can see the contents list here.  The publishers have also done an impressive job in terms of production and illustrations.   The price of the paperback (and e-book) edition is £32.99, though you can presently get it from the publishers at £26.39 – follow the link just supplied – and of a hardcover edition £120, though available at the moment at £96.  As I said, the hardcover edition is likely to appeal to libraries, though if you want to combine a good read with building your muscles every time you pick it up…

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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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3 Responses to Politics UK – now in its 10th edition…

  1. In reference to publications, I wonder if you could send a signed label to put in your book. Let me know how to accomplish this

  2. Lord Norton says:

    Certainly. If you e-mail me to remind me of your mailing address. I will get a signed label in the mail to you.

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