My Lords, read the book…

When one speaks in a debate in the Lords, it is always gratifying when others refer to theGoverning Britain 9781526145451 speech.  On occasion one gets mentioned without speaking.  Because of a graduation ceremony in Hull last Thursday, I was not able to be in the Lords for a debate on standards in public life, introduced by Lord Blunkett.  However, I was referenced in two of the contributions.  Lord Hunt of Kings Heath drew attention to the debate I have secured next Thursday on the need for training ministers and civil servants in leadership skills.  It was a good trailer for the debate.  The other reference was a good plug for Governing Britain, made by Lord Wallace of Saltaire, when he declared:

‘Constitutional democracy is not a contest, as the noble Lord, Lord Blunkett, said, in which the winner takes all and the losers have to swallow whatever humiliation is inflicted on them. It is about limited government, checks and balances on executive power, the rule of law, transparency and respect for minorities as well as for the majority currently in power. The new book of the noble Lord, Lord Norton of Louth, Governing Britain, spells this out very well and I recommend it to all on the Conservative Benches.’.

I wonder if this will count as impact?   Doubtless will for the publishers, but not sure about REF…

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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2 Responses to My Lords, read the book…

  1. I really enjoyed the book. I agree with Lord Wallace

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