On leadership

I spoke last night at Westminster Abbey at a reception to mark the publication of 300 Years ofE_9mYeoWYAYaQuq Leadership and Innovation, published by St James’ House in collaboration with the History of Parliament.  It was published to mark the tercentenary of Sir Robert Walpole being recognised as the first Prime Minister.

The event attracted an audience of several hundred.  As chair of trustees of the History of Parliament, I was invited to speak and in the few minutes available focused on leadership.  It was an opportunity to reprise some of the points I made in last week’s debate in the Lords on the need for the training of ministers and civil servants in key leadership skills (see my preceding post), focusing on the nature of leadership and the skills needed to be an effective leader.

As there were other speakers, I kept my remarks short, not least because I take the view that the shorter the speech the more likely that your points will be remembered by the audience.  I was happy with what I said, but what I had not anticipated was people, some quite senior business leaders, lining up afterwards to congratulate me, often in quite effusive terms.  Some were keen to get my contact details.  I suspect a few more talks on leadership may be in the offing.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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  1. I should really try to read at least the connective tissue and principal essays of this book. I am interested in how the British Parliamentary perspective does or does not take into account the way in which the prime ministry only slightly precedes and also coincides with the great upheavals of the 18th century which also reshaped the world along with reforms of the British Empire reshaping the world simultaneously.

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