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Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords

Does size matter?

A total of 45 new peerages were announced today.  As it is a dissolution honours list, it is not surprising that it is notable for the number of former MPs included, not least those who have served in Cabinet, such … Continue reading

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Winner of the montage caption competition

There were some splendid entries for the caption competition.  Some were notably innovative.  I had difficulty deciding which topped the others.   I eventually narrowed it down to three, but others  met the ‘laugh out loud’ test.  The three played on … Continue reading

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The Lords deserve better…

The Electoral Reform Society has published a short document entitled House of Lords: Fact vs Fiction, which claims to shatter myths about the House of Lords.  It does no such thing.  ‘Far from being a chamber of experts’, it declares, … Continue reading

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Caption competition: a montage

For this month’s caption competition, I thought I would make it a little more challenging than usual by using a montage I was sent from the debate in which I participated just over a couple of years ago at Lancaster … Continue reading

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Phrases one should never use…

There are various phrases whose use generally irritates me intensely.  One of the most irritating is ‘There is no smoke without fire’.  Of course you can have smoke without fire.  The phrase is used by people who want, or are inclined, to … Continue reading

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To tweet or not to tweet?

Social media are now a pervasive feature of life.  They have notable benefits.  Some research suggests that young people are so engrossed in social media that it has resulted in a drop in crime.  Their use enables people to engage … Continue reading

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Scholars and parliamentarians

As regular readers will know, I organise the biennial Workshop of Parliamentary Scholars and Parliamentarians, which provides an opportunity for academics to present findings likely to be of practical interest to parliamentarians.  It also facilitates extensive dialogue between the two.  The Workshop is … Continue reading

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